several years, innocent people are victims of the racism. Clair & Denis
(2015), Doctoral students in Sociology declare that “Racism is a dirty word;
yet, significant racial inequalities in socioeconomic, health, education, among
others.” This type of discrimination started to appear from South Africa in
colonial times. Now, it is a reality around the world. As a consequence, many individuals
are despised, abused and excluded, but even worse, they are assaulted just for
being of a different race. Despite racism is not acceptable as it was years
ago, it persists in both face to face and social networks. So, this is a grave
treatment that would not exist anymore. In front of this, there are two
suggestions to fight against racism, if, either parents or tutors should
educate children to understand the cultural diversity and employers should give
employment to ethnic and racial groups.

a useful suggestion would be to inform children from a young age about cultural
diversity. Children should be well-informed that there are a variety of people,
who have different customs, beliefs and, values. The main idea of teaching to
children about racism when they are little because at that age, they are open
to acquire information easier than adults. For example, read histories or
showing TV programs, which contain diverse opinions and customs. In addition,
parents should explain to the children that people are not all similar. If this
was done, children would be prepared from an early age and would not surprise
when they see a different race. What is more, they would be against racism and
prejudices would be irrelevant.

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it would be a good idea if employers give work to ethnic and racial groups as
well as citizens. Inclusion is a concept that has evolved.        This concept includes cultures, styles,
skills, education, and ways of seeing the world. This becomes an opportunity
for those different people, who are discriminated. So, the employers should
practice the inclusion and accept these individuals in their companies to work.
It is super usual that people tend to do or think what they see or hear all the
time. Therefore, it would help if employers start to incorporate ethnic and
racial people in society. By doing this, society would tend to see people with
different characteristics and they would not surprise to see dissimilar people.

conclusion, the best way to eliminate or prevent racism is children would be
instructed from an early age that diversity exists, and discriminated people
should be incorporated by the owner of the diverse companies for working. In
this way, citizens and children would saw and incorporate people, who have a
different race, as a common thing. In my consideration, racism is a complicated
issue that it affects the whole word, however, it is necessary to counteract
this dispute and no taking as a common phenomenon. I consider that the best way
to stop racism is inculcating it to our children from home. 

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