Forest Research Institute of Malaysia or is mostly known as FRIM, is a place
that all nature lovers must visit at least once in their lifetime. FRIM is
located in the suburb city of Petaling Jaya, which is around 16 km North West
of the capital city. In 1929, it was founded and nowadays it has become one of
the leading institutions in tropical forestry research both locally and abroad.

This 600 hectares tropical forest contains a wealth of flora and fauna with
approximately 15,000 species of plants though for a layman in botanic, all of
them look like greenery.

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Visitors who enter the FRIM will be astounded by the so many types of trees.
A walk along the nature trails and one could discover a lot of flora and fauna species.
One could even have some free brochures and information on the plants that they
will meet when they explore the areas at the information counter.

Getting there

FRIM is located along the Selayang-Kepong Highway. Visitors
can opt to use the provided Komuter train from Kuala Lumpur Railway or any other
station and head to Kepong Station. Upon reaching there, grab a taxi to FRIM.

Accommodation nearby

The closest accommodation is in Petaling Jaya which
has many choices of hotels. The higher end hotels are One World Hotel, Hilton
Hotel, Royale Bintang Damansara, Armada Hotel and Eastin

FRIM Main Attraction:

Canopy Walkaway


Nature Trails


Operating hours and fees

The operating hours of the park is from 8:00am to 6:00pm daily. If the
visitor is using personal vehicle, an entrance fee to the park will be charged
at RM5/car and RM1/person. The address and contact number of the FRIM Park:

Forest Research Institute Malaysia
Kepong, 52109 Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel : +603 6279 7000




Templer park

Templer Park is a forest reserve in Rawang, Gombak District, Selangor, Malaysia. It is 1,214 hectares in size and it was named in
honour of Sir Gerald Templer, a British
High Commissioner in Malaya. His Highness, the Sultan of Selangor, the late Sultan
Hishamuddin Alam Shah declated tha park as ‘dedicated by Selangor to serve as a
refuge and a sanctuary for wildlife and a meeting-place for all who love and
respect the beauty of nature’ on 8 September 1954. The following year the
government gazetted the area as “a Botanical Garden and Public Park” under the
land enactment.

Park is located north of Batu Caves which is about 20km from central Kuala
Lumpur. The entrance to the park is accessed via a turn-off on the right side
of Highway 1 (when travelling north), before reaching Templer Park Country
Club. It is part of the same stretch of rainforest which includes nearby Kanching Waterfalls and Commonwealth Forest Park.

The waterfall is about 2km
away. It took about 1 hour to reach the waterfall (2 hour round trip) and came
back by the same route, though it is possible to do a loop of 4.5km length.

Admission charges and operating hours

There is no entrance fee (and nobody to collect it) and no official opening

Unless for camping, better to stick to daylight hours since wild boars and
bugs are more active at night.

Getting there

Park can be accessed from the Rawang exit of the North–South
by car. The park can also be reached by taking the No 66 bus from Puduraya in Kuala Lumpur.













Forest Park

Covering an area of more than 620 hectares,
Commonwealth Forest Park (CFP) is a good place for jogging, hiking as well as
camping. With four designated camping zones offering up to 51 camp sites
located within the vicinity of two rivers and the main entrance, CFP is the
place to visit for a real-life adventure in the forest. The park is only about
30 minutes from the old road to go to Rawang from Kuala Lumpur.

Commonwealth Forest Park is located at
Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve on the road to Rawang, about 23km north of Kuala
Lumpur. One of the largerst forest reserve which is over 600 hectares of
lowland dipterocarp species which boreders on Kanching Recreational Forest and backing on to
Forest Research Institute of
Malaysia (FRIM).

This park was established in 1993 to mark the 14th Commonwealth Forest Conference. After
some time, the park was no longer repaired until a firm namely Future World
Avenue Sdn Bhd took over the management of a 260-hectare portion of the
park which is now branded as Commonwealth
Forest Park & Resort.

firm are more focused on large groups for teambuilding events, seminars and so on. However, they can
accommodate smaller groups and day trippers too.


The park
provided accommodation for those who wished to stay in the park. There are 24 rooms (each triple sharing) in a
wooden block. There is also a dormitory
block which is able to hold 4 groups of 8 guests per group. There is
also a rather smart looking villa
which has 2 bedrooms, a furnished living room, a kitchen and cable TV.

accommodation provided is on a higher standard than other accommodation that
could be found in any other forest reserve parks in Peninsular Malaysia.

Mountain Biking (bring your own bikes – they are not provided).

Jungle Hiking (guided for groups).

Paintball (in a natural jungle setting).

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV or Quad Bikes) trail

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