Just like the villagers believed, one look at its monstrous physical characteristics, and they perceived it as evil. This evil that they perceived it to be, turned into hatred and was the sole reason that he had not been accepted within the family. As the monster becomes more desperate to become accepted into the hearts of anyone, it tries a couple last desperate attempts. As the monster was hiding in the bushes, it observes a little girl running along a stream, only to fall in. In an act of bravery, the monster saved the girl from the swift current and brought her to safety on the shores of the stream.

“I rushed from my hiding-place and with extreme labour, from the force of the current, saved her and dragged her to shore” (Shelley, Page 126) Another man, came running along shore and grabbed the girl from it’s arms and as the monster followed behind closely, the man thanked the monster with a bullet to the arm. This man perceived the monster as nothing less than evil, based on the physical appearance as well. Since he perceived it was evil he must also have hatred, which he proves by shooting it. At this point, the monster was almost over the edge. As it awakes from a short sleep, it observes a young boy running in the vicinity.

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It approached the little boy, thinking that he has not imbibed a horror of deformity. The monster was mistaken, and the little boy shrieked in horror from the site of seeing his physical appearance. The evil that the boy perceived in the monster, transformed into hatred. This hatred was revealed by the verbal abuse directed towards the monster. The little boy revealed that his father was none other than M. Frankenstein. M. Frankenstein was directly related to the enemy and therefore as was the boy. The monster than as an act of revenge towards Frankenstein, murdered the boy. This was the beginning of the monsters murderous rampage.

The monster began to see everyone that had some bond with Frankenstein, with an evil resemblance. He originally did not have these thoughts towards these people, but now he began to view everyone else with a great deal of hatred. The deaths of his brother, friend, and wife, was an act of revenge towards him. The hatred portrayed towards Frankenstein was the motive behind the murders of his friends and family. Frankenstein observed a great deal of evil within society, and in turn portrayed a sense of hatred towards mankind, based on their actions that had resulted from his physical appearance.

The examples that I have exemplified proves that individuals that are perceived as evil are seen with hatred. The monster was never really evil to commence with but since he was perceived as evil, he was acted towards upon with hatred. The monster believed to have had the same emotions as a human would possess but his physical appearance could not be seen through which resulted in being seen as evil which led to hatred. This hatred which was shown towards the monster, made it believe that society was evil. It than portrayed the hatred in return.

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