Victor Frankenstein was a young man from Genevi?? , Switzerland. When of age, he travelled to Ingolstadt in Germany, where he studied natural science at the local college. This is where and when he finds great interest in chemistry and the human body, and he suddenly finds himself wanting to penetrate the secrets of nature. He plays with the idea of infusing life into inanimate matter after his mother’s death, and this is where it all begins. This young man is of high self-esteem and has confidence in his own abilities, which we can tell by the fact, that he even considers toying with life and death.

He is so obsessed with his idea, his dream, that everything else means very little to him, and he deprives himself from rest and health for a period of two years, in which he forms a man out of bones and parts of dead bodies. Though he finds some of this against his human nature, his desire to play God takes the upperhand. He indulges himself completely in his work and by this you can tell, that he is a very passionate person. He selects the being’s features as beautiful, because in his mind, life is a beautiful thing, and he does not see the full picture and the horrific truth, because he is too wrapped up in his own dreams.

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Only when it is too late, and his experiment succeeds and he is face to face with his creation, he despairs. It was not what he had intended, and his feelings change in an instant. Instead of creating new, beautiful life, he creates a monstrosity, a wretch, that he does not even dare to face himself. He realises that he should not have played God and rejects his creation completly. He flees until meeting a friend, who makes him forget everything about his creation for a while, but when back in his apartment, his feelings catch up with him again, and he falls ill for almost a year.

From all this we can tell, that the most important characteristics of Victor Frankenstein are, that he is very smart, dreams big, is very passionate and that all his feelings are powerful. His feelings change from complete and utter bliss with his creation, to complete and irriversible disgust, when he realises that the embodiment of his dreams is a creature from hell. He loves his friend, Clerval, very much, just his presence made Frankenstein forget about his creation for a short period of time.

You can also tell, that his feelings towards his creation really are those of disgust and hatred, because he does not give it a name, he does not even see it as human, but as a thing, a horrible object he should never have created. Realising this, he is overwhelmed by regret, and by the fact that there is no escaping his demon, and he doubts his own human nature, and this makes him physically and mentally ill. The characteristics of Frankenstein’s monster: The monster’s feelings throughout the story turns from confusion and sadness, to feelings of revenge and in the end hatred.

The monster was “born” into the world as innocent as any child, and is at first unaware of the effect his appereance has on people. His first attempts to contact his creator fails, and he is rejected harshly, and is left alone. Confused and sad, not knowing who he is, he heads for the mountains, where there are no people to judge him and flee from him. His only wish is to have friends and companions, but he is afraid of rejection and spends his time in a hovel. He then finds a cottage, where the De Lacy family lives, and begins to spy on then, and slowly learning their language.

His wish to be accepted and seen as human, comes to show is this particular desire, the search of an identity and a sense of belonging. One day he collects his courage and enters the cottage, where the old, blind man De Lacey is left alone. They talk, and the monster tells about his trouble with some friends, who will not know of him, and the old man does not realise that he is talking about himself and his children. But at the very moment, the old man’s children returns and sees the monster and he is chased away. He then roams the forrest, screaming with misery, feeling that he has missed his last chance to be accepted as a human being.

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