Free health care will greatly reduce the
amount of unnecessary deaths. “We estimate that if the Senate bill becomes law,
22,900 excess deaths will occur in 2020” (Ann Crawford-Roberts, Nichole Roxas
and Ichiro Kawachi). This statistic is a proven fact that if the Republican’s
effort to repeal Obamacare is a success and this Senate bill becomes a law the
overall population of the United States will greatly decrease. Second of all,
the study conducted at “Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance,
found that working-age uninsured Americans have 40% bigger risk of death than
their privately insured counterparts that have a 25% risk of death found in
1993.” (David Cecere). Basically this study justifies that uninsured Americans,
who have to pay for health care, have a higher chance of dying. Compared to the
middle or upper class insured citizens. After all, according to World Health
Organization, the top 10 causes of death in low-income countries is coronary
heart disease with an average of 3,10 million deaths per year. And lower
respiratory infections with an average of 2,86 million deaths per year. Both
disease could easily be prevented with accessible medication and visits to the
doctor. With that being said, if uninsured citizens were provided with easily
accessed health care, doctors could catch their symptoms early on therefor
would be treated with drugs and hopefully be cured.

The United States current health care
plan is more wasteful, more complicated and costlier. Its function is not to
provide quality health care for all but to make huge profits for those who own
companies. Health care is a right not a privilege. The US health care system is
only beneficial to those who can afford it or are covered by insurance however
not everybody can afford to go visit a doctor or receive the medical attention
they deserve. Also, ordinary citizens of a working environment should also be
allowed to receive a health care free of expenses. “The average American spends
about 7900$ per year on health care. Despite that huge outlay, a recent study
found that medical problems contributed to 62% of all bankruptcies in 2007.
Because of the rising cost, many businesses are cutting back on their level of
health care coverage.” (Sen. Bernie Sanders)      

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