From the mindset of three-time World Poker Tour, Every Hand Revealed takes its readers through the grueling five days of pressure, patience and philosophy Guy Hansen has mastered to win him yet another champion title at the Aussie Millions main event in 2007. Bringing his innovative approach to a game that is almost two centuries old, Hansen establishes that his success stems from practice, attentiveness, and an understanding that while you may acquire skill, your strategy primarily depends on your mood, observations and connection to the atmosphere. While one may expect a read full of technicalities and formalities, it is easily understood that it was not Hansen’s intention at all to write just another guide to the game he knows so well. He makes it very clear early on that he is willing to open his mind, and yours, to the idea that, yes, it is a game of strategy and chance. However, you are bound to face failure from time to time. He stresses that your best chance at winning is based on your ability to adapt and shift gears, to cover up your shortcomings while being mindful of your mistakes and to find room for your personal style and preferences. While being very aware and forthcoming of particular events in his past losses, he does not deny that it  is a game of dedication, concentration and focus, but it is not simply good enough to know when to fold, raise and call, either. Complete with diagrams of the positions of Hansen and his opponents, hands dealt, and wages made and lost during this five day period, it is extremely difficult to feel like you are not standing behind him, evaluating every move at present and making predictions for how the next day will begin. Hansen encapsulates the mentality of being truly unforgiving in doing whatever it takes to add chips to his stack, while being forgiving with himself and his mistakes, not letting it deter him from closing the deal. He begins to walk down that road with immense acceptance and consideration, that you must know when to admit defeat, and settle for second or third, but you must also be unafraid of the potential repercussions and keep your edge regardless of winning or losing. For the unaccomplished poker play, or prizewinners and titleholders around the world, everyone can be sure to find a newly engaging and informative point of view on this age-old game based on Hansen’s philosophies.

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