From strategic business planning we understand that this is a long term approach and it is the primary duty of HR manager either to hold on the people which are required for the crucial jobs or they possess the master skills in the field of their duty. If such work force is laid off then HR staff has to maintain a liaison with those people in order to make an assessment for their availabilities and to make a forecast for their availability as the need arises. If a company intends to expand its production facilities then they certainly need professional skilled labor etc. and to hire their services is an uphill task. This is the point where HR staff plays an important role in business planning.Challenges for human resource departmentRecruitmentAt the time of recruitment, the most suitable and competitive employees are not available. They set the standard of the recruitment only 20% of the people meet that criteria.Training After hiring the people they conduct the 7 days training after training they conduct the test of that people only few people can pass that test even after training. Technology changesThey are working in dynamics environment if any new thing come into the market then they need to train their employes according to the new technology.Retaining talent employesRetaining the talented employe is one of the huge challenge for the organization. If he got a new opportunity he can switched to one job to another job.High turnover rate After joining only 25% people worked for the organization other people leave that organization they think that Chinese policy are difficult they cannot meet that certeria so they can leave their jobs.Employes recruiting and selectionWe asked HR Manager to identify the steps involved in the recruitment process and he informed that following are the essential steps in the recruitment process.1. Identify vacancy and evaluate its need.2. Develop a position description3. Develop a job description4. Develop a recruiting plan5. Put an ad in the leading newspapers, receive applications, and review applications 6. Develop short list for interviewing7. Help to conduct and interviews 8. Finalize the recruitment list/ interview evaluations.        Sub Steps of recruitment process: 1. Personal referrals 2. Outsourcing to specialized recruiting companies.3. Putting ads in newspapers and online.SelectionOppo use the following steps in selection process? The Application.? Written Exams.? Performance Exams.? Specialized Testing.? The Panel Interview.Summary of these steps is that firstly the application is the candidate’s first chance to present his/her qualification to organization. If its qualification matched then it would be selected for Written Test. In oppo, test are designed to check the level of technical and analytical abilities of candidate. The test which is conducted is called Test of Cognitive Abilities. After this test, performance exams test are organized to check the ability to accomplish job related tasks by providing the opportunity to candidate to actually perform them. After the performance exams, there are some Specialized test which are for checking the communication skills, technical skills and abilities. Then after this, these all results of the candidates are proceeded to the panel or hiring authority which consists of the qualified individuals. These individuals evaluate responses to a variety of a job related questions over a scheduled of time period. At the end after the evaluation, a list of eligible candidates is sent to department then they held Selection Interview in which they check all the things that the specific person is having for a specific job.Training and developmentIt’s the part of the human resource management that precisely deals with training and development of company’s employees. Oppo strategy to attracts train, retain, develop and motivate the high quality ability who are qualified, eligible, and prepared to contribute their best toward achievement  for company’s goals. They give 15 days training to their employes in which they briefly explain about oppo provide opportunities to employee to get knowledge and develop technical and managerial skills through class room trainings and on the job progress training that convene the employee and company needs.Performance appraisalThe process of examining and evaluating employee’s work behavior by a manager, counselor and comparing it with the performance standards, documents the result of comparison and use that result to provide feedback to the employees to show where enhancements are needed and why these improvements are required.Compensation and rewardEmployee benefits typically refers to the retirement plans, health life insurance, life insurance, employees stock owner relationship plans etc. while compensations include wage and salaries programs and structure .For example, salary range based on job description, merit based programs, bonus based programs, commission based programs etc.Oppo employees’ compensation and benefits are as follow:Variable payThis reward paid by an employer to employee that is performance or result achieved. The most common forms are bonuses and sales incentives.Benefits Oppo benefits are as follow? Promotions.? Free Transport.? Increments.? Medical Facility.? House Loans.? Petrol ceilingI am really thankful HR department of oppo as there are several things which are being taken care by them and a helpful a support my position as line manager. We just send them the monthly attendance of all the employees / workers and they work out the final direct or indirect compensation in terms of salaries and wages etc.HR department is also planning for the annual earned leave of employees and are helpful to provide the replacements in stance. In case of fatal accidents or injuries HR department is obtaining the approval of higher up for providing financial compensations to the families of deceased and employment to their eligible family members and we work in harmony with our HR department for implementation of policies and procedures.Line manager Umer aliOppo Lahore region

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