Gift Cards Are the Only Present That Makes Sense this ChristmasGifting Christmas presents can sometimes be a stressful and tricky affair, especially when you’re buying for a troublesome teenager or someone who seems to have it all already. Gift cards are both painless and practical, making them the saving grace of Christmas shopping.The faithful gift card is a tried and tested present for those family and friends that are difficult to buy for. They are the fall-back option for present-buyers everywhere. They’re a super easy last-minute gift, right?Gift cards are most definitely one of the easiest gifts you can give, but are they a good choice?One could argue that a gift card is impersonal, that it’s the lazy option. I say Ridiculous! The case against gift cards is incredibly weak, although our CEO, Chris Hill, doesn’t agree. He believes the novelty of gift cards has worn off, but I don’t believe this for one minute.Gift cards may be the safe option, sure, but they’re also brimming with possibility, and the guarantee that your loved one will truly appreciate the gesture of your well thought out Christmas gift when they spend it on the high street, on something they really want.The Gift Card IndustryA recent study found 37% of consumers want a gift card this Christmas season, and with the number of unwanted gifts we receive, it’s hardly surprising.The majority of people in the UK have both received and given gift cards or vouchers as presents at some point. The business is estimated to be worth over £6bn per year, and sales continue to grow year on year. Britons currently spend an average of £62.57 each a year on gift cards. We’ve all been there, asking a loved one, “what would you like for Christmas?” and getting the “I dunno” response.You could get them the latest iPhone and yet more socks. Is that something totally unique to their interests? No, It’s popular, safe, and empty.So instead of forcing a list out of them, or gazing into a crystal ball, do the thoughtful thing and get them a gift card.A gift card is the most personal present there is. It’s the gift of freedom to buy whatever you want and whenever you want it.What the Stats sayThe truth is, most of us will be unsuccessful when we shop for gifts this year.A recent article in the Independent quoted a study commissioned by Oliver Harcourt, Head of Vistaprint UK, via OnePoll.com that revealed the worst ever gifts received and what we Brits do with these unwanted gifts. These gifts included knitwear, mug-sets, ill-fitting clothes, toiletry kits, socks and bubble bath, to mention just a few.Three in five people in the UK receive up to five presents each Christmas which they then never use.One in six would rather hide the gift somewhere in the house rather than admit they don’t like itOne in four would re-wrap and re-gift to someone elseHalf will take the present to a charity shop so someone else can benefit from their misfortune.So, what are we saying?Statistically, you’re likely to buy an unwanted, meaningless present, so don’t get all stressed out over choosing the right one, instead just put some money onto a piece of plastic and spend the time saved on making a magical Christmas for you and your loved ones.From tech to toys, Jewellery to beauty products, and much more gift cards have it all.Let’s just say it: Gift cards are the perfect present for almost everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

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