Compare And Contrast the Way In Which the Strong Willed Women are Presented In Each Story And Explain How They Are Influenced By The Setting ‘Tony Kytes- The Arch Deceiver’, ‘The Withered Arm’, ‘The Vendetta’, ‘Turned’ and ‘The Necklace’, are five short stories. Each of these stories contain strong willed characters, however these strong willed women are portrayed in different ways, using different techniques. ‘Tony Kytes- The Arch Deceiver’ by Thomas Hardy, ‘The Necklace’ by Guy de Maupassant and ‘The Vendetta’ by Guy de Maupassant, I have chosen these three stories as I feel that these stories have the most to compare and contrast.

In each of the stories there are main female, strong willed characters. In each story the strong willed female is made clear, however each story uses different techniques to highlight the strong willed females. ‘Tony Kytes’ by Thomas Hardy has a number of strong willed women and to suggest that one character is stronger willed than another would probably be debatable, however each of the female characters are strong in their own way. One way the personalities of the female characters are shown is by the descriptions; Milly Richards, Tony’s fianci?? , is described as a ‘ …

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nice, light, small, tender little thing’, this quotation seems to portray Milly Richards as a very child like character. ‘Nice’ is often used in childish simple writing, by describing Milly as nice, it implys that she is simple, even naive like a child, the words ‘light, small and tender little thing’ also show child like qualities that Milly may have. When Milly takes Tony back after he is rejected by Unity and Hannah, she either shows a level of naivety; she may think that he wanted her the whole time rather than anyone else or she understands that she must marry as well as she can in order to have a family and not to work.

Unity Sallet, who tries to convince Tony Kytes to leave his fianci?? , is described as a ‘a handsome girl’, the word handsome has a number of meanings, one of which is – ‘Having qualities that delight the eye’, showing that Tony does indeed find Unity Sallet attractive, however, another meaning of handsome is – ‘Appropriate or fitting’, this may show that Tony feels that Unity Sallet would make a suitable wife but not one of which he loves. Hannah Jolliver is the last of the female characters to enter the story. Hannah is described as ‘… the very first women that Tony had fallen in love with…

‘, this is the only character that Tony is described to actually have feelings for. Hannah Jolliver is described as a ‘ much more dashing girl… ‘, as she is the last female character to enter the story she is shown to be much more beautiful than the others. ‘The Vendetta’ by Guy de Maupassant, does not directly describe the characters, however uses the descriptions of the setting to describe how the characters feel. The coast of which the Saverini’s live is described as ‘The unresting wind harasses the sea and eats away the bare shore….

‘ this could relate to Paolo Saverini’s feelings, the ‘unresting wind’ being the constant pain she feels for the loss of her son, ‘eating away at the bare shores’, being the hurt she feels for the loss eating away at her, making her feel unbearable, giving her inspiration to fulfil her promised vendetta to her son. Using the description of the situation of the house, ‘widow Saverini’s house held for dear life to the very edge of the cliff; its three windows looked out over this wild and desolate scene’ we can see that widow Saverini feels isolated much as her house is.

The suggestion of the house ‘holding on for dear life on the very edge of the cliff’ shows the desperation that widow Saverini feels. The three windows look out onto the island where her sons murders escaped to, this is a constant reminder to widow Saverini about her vendetta giving her a constant reminder of her sons death and the vendetta. ‘The Necklace’, by Guy de Maupassant, does not describe the main female character, instead, she is described by her self.

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