Have you ever wanted to know what materials would be best for insulating beverage holders so they stay hot or cold? And would you want to know how it works? Well, the answer may not be as complicated as you think. Most people like to use Styrofoam cups for hot drinks such as coffee. These work well to keep the coffee warm for a short time but glass or plastic can also be used. None of these however can compare to a popular insulated cup that came out in 2006. 
This insulated cup is known for keeping ice frozen for a few days and heated drinks warm for several hours.The company that makes these cups also makes large coolers that serve the same purpose as far as heating and cooling items for long lengths of time.The cup works so well because it is made of a stainless steel case and copper that has two walls of vacuum insulation in it. It does not allow the heat or cold to transfer. The coolers are made of polyethylene and two layers of polyurethane in the walls.  The outside of the cooler is rotomolded. This means it is one solid piece of plastic and there are few weak joints for any air to escape so everything in it stays hot or cold.
Insulation can be useful with maintaining temperature in beverages, but it can also be used to keep your house the desired temperature. Most houses are designed to trap heat in a similar way as a thermos or drink flask. Most houses when built are compacted with glass wool 
                                                                                                                                           Hubbard 2
or stone wool. Then the heat or cooling system is used to keep the temperatures desirable.  
There are many different types of insulation that have different uses for the various types of structures.  Asbestos used to be a common house insulator. It has been known to cause a fatal lung disease called Mesothelioma and has been outlawed for use since 1989. Most buildings use double walls that are hollow. That can help a lot with keeping heat out. The hollow walls can act as a hollow layer for the heat. The hollow walls can also be used as an easier passage for pipes and electric currents. Brick walls are good for keeping outside air out but it is not known for keeping warmth.
Double layered walls are also used with other types of insulation. Refrigerators are also hollow, having double layered walls with cooling insulation. Refrigerators are used to keep certain foods fresh. It can do this because of the double layered walls and low air temperature. Double layered walls can prevent heat and can act as a vacuum for the heat. Electric currents can be used to create this vacuum and to insulate every point of a house. This process is also known as air conditioning.  
Rubber is also a very useful insulator. It is used frequently, mainly for electrical wiring because it is water resistant.   Electric currents cannot be carried through rubber so this rubber layer is very important for wires inside of walls. Without the layer, the electric current could be damaged by house water leaks. Since rubber is an insulator and not a conductor of electricity, you can often see it in everyday home products like computer wires or table lamps. 
The insulation of the body works differently than types of manmade insulation. The body can instinctively produce heat on its own. Even when the body does not need heat and is a normal temperature, the body will still generate heat. If the body ever gets below the average temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit,it can produce more heat. A way of doing this is by shivering. This makes the body more active and can help generate more heat. If the body gets to a dangerously low temperature people can suffer from hypothermia. It can get to low temperatures by lows in the environmental temperature, wind speed, or illnesses. 
Hypothermia can be prevented by wearing insulators. Clothes can trap body heat. Popular body insulators can be made of cotton, feathers, or wool. Multiple thin layers of clothing have been proven to work as a better insulator than just a few thick layers of clothing. This is true mainly because the thin layers are more wind proof than thicker layers. 
For the body to keep cool, you want to do the opposite. You are going to want as few insulators as possible. Your body is also going to release fluids through sweat in order to attempt to maintain a normal temperature if it becomes overheated. Body temperatures may increase when you havea fever due to illness or during physical exercise. The body temperature is controlled by a mechanism in the brain that is similar to a thermostat.  The thermostat stays at a certain temperature and reacts if it gets too hot or too cold. The way the brain does this is by producing body heat to warm the body or by sweating to cool off the body. 
There are different types and forms of insulation. Luckily, it works in both directions for heating and cooling. People can debate over what makes the best insulation for homes or certain items but you should appreciate that it exists to help make us comfortable in our houses and allowing us hot or cold beverages to enjoy. 

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