New York, 1955, sets the scene for the dramatic tale of ‘A view from a bridge. ‘ It tells the tale of a poverty stricken family living in the shadows of the city. Eddie the figurehead is an emotionally torn man; his loving but forgotten wife Beatrice has lost importance to his young, attractive ward and niece Catherine unwittingly causes tension within his character. An overprotective fatherly figure he to let Catherine grow up; the problem escalates when they agree to take two illegal immigrants (‘submarines’) seeking work from Italy (Beatrice’s cousins Marco and Rodolpho), as Catherine and Rodolpho fall in love.

This love- confused tale leads to a tragic conclusion, that before would never be contemplated by this typical American family. Act two starts with the lawyer Alfieri, who sets the scene like a narrator; a Greek chorus. By starting the scene he is emphasizing his logical and moralistic presence in the play. From the outset the fatalistic nature of the “awesomeness of a passion” is highlighted and as he catalogues Eddies’ frustrations obsessions, and how he is in a confused state of mind. For the start of this scene I think there should be a raised part of the stage to the side.

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The raised platform would be in effect his office, which for the majority if the play would be darkness, symbolic of Eddie’s inability to understand himself:- his tragic flaw. As the light comes up it would just be on that area of the stage, this would focus audience on him and she is separate from the main storyline and although morally and pragmatically correct what he represents is nevertheless too great a distance away: something the bullish Eddie can see, but not comprehend, enough to ‘bridge’ the gap.

By having the paint effect of books and being a small, dark area also makes the room claustrophobic. Alfieri should be sat in a large, tall armchair his body in darkness this gives a sense of fear and doom to the play; this also gives the play the sense of the unknown. Each time he speaks the light could fade further, emphasizing the dwindling hope. Catherine is in white, representing her ‘Madonna type’ being innocent, pure and worshiped by Eddie. Rodolpho should be in jeans and shirt, so well presented in contrast with Eddie’s drunken appearance.

All costumes are emphasizing the families’ ongoing poverty. Light rises on Catherine and Rodolpho in the main stage in an apartment set up which remains for the entirety of the play. When Catherine questions Rodolpho, it is a powerful part of the play a sit expresses or questions her trust in Rodolpho. In asking “Suppose I wanted to live in Italy,” I would employ a red light to show the intensity of the situation as the question is out of the blue and would causing a dramatic pause. Rodolpho shows he has not thought about this or is being flippant by saying “You are going to marry someone rich?

” There is an underlying sense he knows what is going on, but is trying not to show it must be accentuated. By showing Rodolpho’s ‘smile vanishing’ shows his shock, for he is aware that Catherine is being pressurized by Eddie, Catherine is shocked by this response and reacts with a pause creating more tension between the characters. The dialogue composed of short sentences dramatically accentuates the drama unfolding. Never before has Rodolpho been questioned, which shows the lack of thought this has had.

Rodolpho and Catherine are contrasting; Catherine is serious where as Rodolpho still thinks it is a joke: “You’re fooling! ” In many ways his humorous or sarcastic responses make the audience question how genuine his character is. In this scene however, Rodolpho is shown as a logical character as shown when he tells Catherine why it is such an illogical idea. He has clearly thought about this situation and his maturity and will is emphasized as he knows the life he has escaped is for a good reason. Catherine for the first time expresses her confused feelings for Eddie which emphasizes her innocence “I’m afraid of Eddie here.

” This statement shows how the immigrants coming have changed her having respect for Eddie at the start due to the realization she fears him. The fear of Eddie’s reaction to her and Rodolpho. As she progresses the light should get darker, showing Rodolpho’s growing frustration. When he ‘moves angrily’ he could pace up and down, this would show animalistic or predatory nature, that he is frustrated that she won’t believe him. At this stage Catherine shows be expressed as innocent being lower down, so not in a powerful position.

Her body language should be defensive showing tension and she doesn’t know how he will respond, this is her protection against him. Catherine should be presented in a confused state, similarly to how the audience will be. Eventually Catherine seems to be convinced by Rodolpho, but still shows how she is torn between Rodolpho and Eddie. Light could reflect this being a pale red or pink showing an intense atmosphere and high emotion levels. Although she is showing her fear of Eddie she is still shows her respect for him “He was good to me…. I…. just feel ashamed if I made him sad.

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