Heated up between STONE SOUR and BACKYARD BABIES, recently in an interview between BACKYARD BABIES singer Nicke Borgas and Barbara Caserta from Linea Rock, they talked about the similarity between the songs STONE SOUR “Song # 3” and BACKYARD BABIES “Abandon” sounds very similar  

The question is, Does STONE SOUR trace the song BACKYARD BABIES ???? the answer can be listened below

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Quoted from Blabbermouth: BACKYARD BABIES frontman Nicke Borghas discusses the similarity between his single “Abandon” song and the song “# 3” from STONE SOUR, BACKYARD BABIES says similarities between these songs, he said

“we also borrow a lot of things.”

The song STONE SOUR “Song # 3” was released in early 2017, an Italian DJ seems to show an unmistakable resemblance between the blend of songs and songs “Abandon” and “Song # 3”, which was originally included in the Swedish self-titled album band in 2008.

In a recent interview with Barbara Caserta from Linea Rock, Borg was asked if she had heard the song STONE SOUR and whether she had an opinion about the two songs that sounded too similar for comfort.

“Oh, really, I do not know,” said Borg

“I know STONE SOUR, but I’ve never heard of the song, is it on their latest album?” After Caserta replied firmly, Nicke said, “Oh, I have to listen.”

“I’ve never met STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT Corey Taylor,” Borg continued before clarifying.

“Yeah, I met him, but we have not talked yet, I know I’m hanging out a bit with Joey Jordison from SLIPKNOT, but I do not know they’re more than that.”

Nicke then added, jokingly joked: “But, of course, he has listened to BACKYARD BABIES – everyone has, so we are an influential band.”

Asked by Caserta whether he saw the similarities between the two songs as “positive”, Borg replied:

“Yes, we borrowed too much, so … anything.”

“Song # 3” was taken from STONE SOUR’s latest album, “Hydrograd”, which was released on June 30th through Roadrunner Records.

“Backyard Babies” came out in August 2008 and debuted on the UK charts at number 29. The disc was hosted by Swedish producer Jacob Hellner, who previously worked with RAMMSTEIN and APOCALYPTICA.

In conclusion, does STONE SOUR mimic the song BACKYARD BABIES ??

While there is no conformation from the STONE SOUR related to this rumor, to find out the continuation of this news….

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