Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band was written in the 19th century. You can tell this by the lack of modern things in the story. For instance in the first part of the story Sherlock Holmes says to Helen Stoner ‘… and yet you must have had a good drive in a dog cart before you arrived’ and also Helen says ‘I came in on the first train from Waterloo’ cars aren’t mentioned at all. Inn ‘Wrong Pigion however cars have well been invented. Planes have also been well invented.

In the story they mention ‘Los Angeles International Airport’ Also another difference is that Helen Stoner lives in a big mansion she says that’ the manor house, as I have already said very old and only one wing is now inhabited ‘ Most houses don’t have wings. That proves that the house is very old. ‘ On the other hand, however Ikky Rossenstein lives in a crummy apartment Marlowe calls it a dive, which proves it’s not very nice. In the Speckled Band People in higher social circles are let off with a lot more.

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You get the impression that if someone kept such dangerous pets as the cheetah and the baboon in the city where ‘Wrong Pigion’ is set the animals would be taken off them or the person would be sent to jail. Also if someone acted the way Roylott did they would be sent to jail also. For example towards the beginning of the story when Helen Stoner is explaining her predicament she says ‘ A series of disgraceful brawls took place’ now they wouldn’t be punished as much as somebody in the other story simply because Roylott would probably use his influence.

Also people back in the time when the Speckled Band was written people seemed to be more racist than people of today are for example when Roylott kills his native servant he is only given a small prison sentence whereas if it had been a white person he probably would have gotten the death sentence. Also the people in the manor seem to be prejudiced towards the gypsies who have moved onto the plantation. When Helen was asked by her sister Julia about the whistling in the night Helen replied ‘it must be those wretched gypsies in the plantation’ this proves that they weren’t liked.

In ‘Wrong Pigeon people were probably just as racist because not that much will have changed in between the writing of the 2 stories, in that manner anyway. The book ‘Wrong Pigeon’ is written in a much more varied and possibly simpler way than ‘The Speckled Band’ because it is written for amuch more varied audience than ‘The Speckled Band ‘ simply because not as many people were educated at the time when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was writing books and couldn’t read. Harder words are used in ‘The Speckled Band’ than in ‘Wrong Pigion’ for example ‘avert’ and ‘stop’.

Also lots of words used in Sherlock Holmes now have different meanings examples of this are GAY which used to mean happy but now means homosexual and also Holmes describes Dr Watson as his intimate friend. In Wrong pigion Phillip Marlowes attitude to women is completely different to Sherlock Holmes. Phillip Marlowe agrees that women should be protected; he proves this by only taking Ikky Rossensteins case on because he is concerned about Marlowe having a woman helping him. Marlowe also however believes that although women should be protected they also can do some things to help and play a role in things.

He proves this by letting Anne Riordan help him to spy on the two-mafia agents. In the Sherlock Holmes story, however the woman is portrayed as a helpless person who needs protecting and has no part to play. Also the way in which Sherlock Holmes would speak to a woman would be completely different in comparison to the way in which Phillip Marlowe Would speak To A woman. For Example Holmes Is Always Polite and courteous and he says things like ‘you must not to fear ‘ we will soon set matters right’ Whereas Marlowe says things like ‘my god’ and ‘damn you’.

Marlowe also seems to be attracted to Anne as well. For example he says to her ‘stop moving your legs around, or else Ill put a pair of slacks on you’ She also seems to be a sexual distraction to him and can stop him from doing his work for example at one point in the story they almost kiss but then they pull apart and he says he’s not good enough for her. Sherlock Holmes however probably wouldn’t dream of going out with one of his work associates. Sherlock Holmes doesn’t use strong language at all but Marlowe however uses it all the time for example he says ‘God dam you’ and ‘go to hell’

Holmes obviously lives in a less dangerous time than Phillip Marlowe does because he doesn’t feel the need to carry a gun whereas inadvertently ‘Wrong Pigion’ is based around them as Marlowe is always talking about them right the way through the story. Marlowe also seems to be a lot more streetwise than Holmes is. He knows a lot of things relevant to the city that he lives in for example back onto the gun subject, in the story when Grimes, a member of the mafia comes up to him the first thing he narrates is ‘he pulled out a Colt- Woodsman with a short silencer on it’ Anne Riordan also seems to be quite streetwise.

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