Frankenstein to me, I would say was a recognizable genre, horror. I wouldn’t say it was any other genre because its main plot is not to be romantic, or a made up non-scary story. To me Frankenstein is called a horror because it has a lot of horrific parts and is always trying to make the audience jump and scared in some parts of the film! Kenneth Branagh was the director of the film Frankenstein. This was not the first film he directed. He has also done films such as the Shakespearean film ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and a BBC programme called ‘Conspiracy’.

Kenneth Branagh is also an actor, producer and a writer. He enjoyed writing the most because he liked taking time to think and had a lot of ideas about all sorts of life styles/genres. When the film makers were thinking about this film, I think they were focusing on making this film for couples, men and women of around the late teens to the older generation. This film does not have a universal appeal because some parts are not appropriate at all for young immature children.

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It is more of a late teens film, whom are more likely to understand. This film is a horror and because of this many children may take the wrong ideas from it and might find some parts of the film hard to watch and maybe a little to hard to understand. I would say the plot of the film is true love between a half brother and sister, which is spoilt by the brother, who is being controlled by his ideas, such as trying to play the part of God, trying to make a person, which turns into a monster and soon demands a friend.

Which is understandable but when Victor sees how this monster has come out he does not want to make the same mistake again and ends up getting his wife/half sister killed by the monster. There were some lines of dialogue, that made me, as a part of the audience feel strongly emotional for the monster, the part being, the monster starting his journey and says ‘Geneva’. I say this because it makes me think ‘what is this monster planning? What does it mean? Will he find Victor Frankenstein?

When he says this, he is standing in a Gothic setting at a snow scope. Which is trying to point out that he is too far away from land and he would unlikely be able to make it to anywhere because it is cold, he has no food and no transport apart from walking, however how far can one walk? However, the monster shows two sides of him, because in another part, which was one of the highlights of the film, the monster pulls out Elizabeth’s heart, whilst doing lightning strikes and loud music is being played, which is building up tension in the audience.

This shows the evil side of the monster and makes the audience have an aversion towards him. The stars in this film were ‘Robert De-Niro’ who played the monster, ‘Helena Banham Carter’ who played Elizabeth and ‘Dennis Kenneth’ who starred as Victor Frankenstein. These were the three main characters of the film, which were the ones that the film was referenced to. I think they were well cast because they made it emotional at times and played brother/sister, husband/wife parts really well.

The monster was particularly excellent because he had effective make-up and the technique of him having stitches on his body, and his face being re-arranged made it seem like a genuine monster. They have convincing looks and facial expressions; the monsters voice was also convincing and made the film extra enjoyable. Robert De-Niro was also in another film called ‘Raging Bull; he starred as a boxer, who lost and wasn’t very good which is a lot different to what he starred in Frankenstein, because in Frankenstein he was tough and mean, he killed Elizabeth and destroyed Frankenstein’s family, he killed the little boy William.

The lighting of the film was different throughout the film because in the part where Elizabeth is reading the letter received from Victor she is standing in a candle lit room, which makes you know there is romance involved, the orange/red colour also indicates some danger. However, the setting before Victor moves away to live nearer by to his university, when they are in the hall, where everyone is dancing it is brightly lit up and everyone is wearing white, which symbolizes happiness and joy.

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