Hello everybody my name is Mohamed maged, i’m professional authority,I am honored to be here with you to day i might wish to give thanks everybody that gave American state this chance to be here and share my concepts with you. i would like raise you what’s the foremost vital issue that cause success or to create somebody to ne’er hand over and work hard? on behalf of me is motivation i feel it’s one among the foremost vital things that differentiate someone from another, therefore i’m here to day to share with you some concepts for motivating elementary students and to determine robust motiving program for them.The first issue that i’m aiming to point out for developing an honest psychological feature program, is to {make|to form} associate degree surroundings that make students feel that there’s no threats in it, that create the scholars a lot of feel snug to speak to their lecturers, which create them feel that the lecturers is ancillary and believe them, that would lead the scholars to be a lot of motivated  to figure and deliver the goods their goals and it’s solely aiming to happened if they realize somebody that believe them and push them to attain goals, therefore lecturers have to be compelled to begin communicate with their students and encourage them to speak, as a result of communication is additionally robust weapon and sensible communication between students and lecturers can cause a lot of motivated  students to be told and deliver the goods new heights, and since students aren’t identical after they react, lecturers will use competitions as means of attempting create in school a healthy surroundings as a result of isn’t unhealthy it can be {a sensible|an honest|a decent} motivations for a few of the scholars as a result of it makes them push to indicate that they’re good and have data, what is more otherwise of constructing a healthy surroundings within the category is exploitation an efficient rewards system, as a result of rewards area unit of the foremost effective ways that to inspire somebody if they understand that there’s a souvenir if they done a definite act during a right means. All this sorts of strategies to create the scholars feel snug in school, therefore lecturers will understand a lot of regarding them and what the most effective thanks to inspire them for learning. Second issue, to develop a motivation program is to administer them a way of responsibility. lecturers will facilitate students to own a way of responsibility by assignment to them tasks. These tasks can facilitate them to feel responsibility like assignment to them community and charity work, afterward they’re going to feel a lot of motivated  for work and achieving their goals, {and thereforeme|and a few} of the scholars can reach bent on do a number of the leading activities so, they will feel a lot of valuable, after all not each student can have identical respond therefore, lecturers have to be compelled to use totally different strategies to create the scholars feel accountable and to create each single one among them motivated  and excited regarding one thing they require to try to to within the future.The third issue permanently motivation program for the scholars is exploitation effective motivators. Students have to be compelled to listen and see regarding others success stories. so that they will understand that there area unit folks has achieved what they require, additionally lecturers have to be compelled to facilitate them to seek out a job model  that they appear up to him as a result of finding a job model can be a really robust motivation for the scholars, and Following a job model can create them attempt to follow his footsteps as guideline for them or a minimum of it provides them a vision on what they require to be within the future, additionally lecturers would like encourage the scholars {to deliver the goods|to realize|to attain} their goals and to be their best and keep them motivated  and continuously supporting them and giving them recommendation and steering that they have till they achieve their goals.In the finish i would like to mention no matter strategies and techniques that lecturers realize it best to succeed in their students to inspire them. lecturers continuously have to be compelled to support their students and keep them motivated  and provide to them recommendation if they required it even while not posing for it, as a result of this students is that the future and that we would like them to be the most effective that they will be for the long run of this country, for that we’d like a tough employee and motivated  students that ne’er hand over till they reach their goals to make sure that future. thanks everybody for it slow.

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