Help David Our Saviour. “Oh Mum! Do I have to play Hide and Seek again? ” “David, these are your cousins. Anyway, all I am asking you to do is just 30 minutes, if that, for your family David. ” “But I do it every time the family come round. Make Hannah do it! ” “David Blackwell! You will play with your cousins because if you don’t you will not be going to Liquid tomorrow night. ” “Muuum! ” “Don’t mum me young man! Now go and play Hide and Seek this instant! ”  “Stupid mum I hope she… ” “Come on David, you’ve got to go and hide. Go on, hide” David trudged off to find a place to hide, muttering all the way.

“Come on David, go and hide” He said in a squeaky voice taunting his 4-year-old cousin. He continued mocking his cousin and cursing about his mother until suddenly, he stopped dead, rooted to the spot. He was shaking; David slowly glanced upwards as if in a trance. Above him was a trap door, the attic door. A scary place for David. Every night he heard strange noises coming from up there, a sort of rumbling then a bang. It was always the same, always a rumble then a bang. Recently the rumbling lasted longer, much longer, and the bang was louder, much louder. Then he would hear voices, many voices, different ones every time.

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But they would always say the same thing, ‘HELP! ‘ “Coming ready or not. ” This squeaky little voice must of interrupted the chain of thoughts rushing through David’s mind as he suddenly lurched to life, jumping and grabbing the trapdoor, a ladder sprung down and David was gone. To any onlookers it would of looked like this teenage boy had been struck by lightning. He hadn’t, David was storming up the ladder as fast as physically possible. The darkness quickly engulfed him. Nevertheless, he kept on climbing; it seemed to David that he had been on this ladder for an eternity, yet still there was only darkness.

Only a subtle shining was visible through the sea of black, like a silver hair on a deep black coat. All he could hear was the soft clanging of his feet striking the ladder and a slow inconsistent panting; his breathe. All of his senses were rendered useless, all he knew was ladder, then his hand clasped something. It felt warm to the touch unlike the cold steel he had become accustomed too. As his hand struck this surface a tsunami of thoughts flooded into his head. A brilliant light illuminated the whole area. David just wanted to turn his head and charge straight back down the ladder he had fought so hard to conquer, but he couldn’t.

A voice in the back of his head was screaming to turn back, he wouldn’t. The rumbling started again, the room appeared to be shaking or at least David was. This deafening noise was coming from somewhere, but where, his vision was still a total blur from the sudden flash of light. The rumbling seemed to be getting even louder and David suddenly noticed his legs were moving, he willed them to stop but they wouldn’t. He was in a trance. His vision returned just in time to see an old book. It was brown and in tatters, with lumps of solid gold on the corners. There was something written on it. Gold lettering but it was all peeling off.

Only a couple of letters remained ‘L… D… S’. David was staring at them trying to work out what they said, when the letters seemed to transform in front of his own eyes. David knew that his mind must be playing tricks on him but it all seemed so realistic that it must be true. David was still trying to make sense of this whole ‘experience’ when the book opened all by itself. David did not notice the old brown pages or the ancient writing, which seemed to be some form of hieroglyphics. David was so confused at this point that it probably wouldn’t matter even if he had seen it because in the end the result still would have been the same.

A huge spiral of different colours spun out from the seam of the book, capturing David within its green and blue spirals. This must of awoken David from his trance. As he was revolving through this tornado, of colour, David started to scream but of course, this was useless. Who was going to hear him when he’s in the attic and even if anyone could hear him who would take any notice of a 15 year old boy screaming about a man eating book, whilst playing hide and seek.  There was an almighty ‘thud’; a young boy hit the ground after falling from the sky. He fell upon fields of vast, green countryside.

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