incomes are one of the indicators which show to rising living standard, but
however there are many more things which contribute to rising standard of
living of the people living in a place. One big reason of living standard is
related to education because education is the key for high living standard in a
community.  With the help of education
people in workforce will be more productive and it will also increase the
capability of the individuals to enjoy a better and luxurious life. The other
big reason of better living standard is jobs or working somewhere, getting a
job and working somewhere will provide you hefty income and also you can gain a
lot of skills and development. These collectively working and getting jobs and
income increasing will seemingly contribute to the overall ability of different
people contributing to the better living standard system of whole society. Only
the rich people of the society have opportunity to contribute because of their
high income level and poor part of the society with their low income can’t
contribute to the welfare of the society because they don’t have enough income
to buy quality goods and services.

developing countries are usually those countries which have were poor and low
living standard. The example of some developing countries in Asia is
Afganistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, Srilanka etc; the people in these
countries are living very poor living standard. Developing countries have
usually very low gross national product and gross national income per capita.
These countries are in the slow process of achieving development and basically
these countries are dependent in agriculture sector and their economy backbone
in agriculture contributing majority of share in their gross national income.
These countries have recently started industrialization sector for their boost
up in their economy but it will take some decade before they reaches to the
stage of being or observed as developed nation or first world countries. The
World Bank categorizes the countries according to their gross development
income. There are three groups of countries referred as 1st world
countries (developed countries), 2nd world countries (developing
countries) and 3rd world countries as under developing countries or
these are categorized as low income, middle income and high income countries.
Most countries in the world fall in low income group and are 3rd
world countries and middle income groups, only few countries fall in the high
income group.

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know better about living standard of developing countries it is important to
understand that in this modern era of technologies this planet is becoming more
and more globalized day by day. With the help of this globalization all
countries becoming more integrated with each other in terms of economic,
cultural and social factors. This current system of globalization consists of
free trade which means that countries can exchange their goods and services
from one place to other, export and imports of goods and services with occur
between many countries.  So as a result
the People in different democratic countries with the help of elections try to
elect the leaders which have the abilities to make good effective decisions
making in the office for the best interests of their people. Due to this free
trade even with the passage of time low income countries can become
self-sufficient. The developing countries will try their best to use most
efficient resources for the economy and all those countries which are involved
in free trade can gain maximum profit due to free trade. The best example of
free trade is happening in European Union where all countries in this region
are doing free trade without any restriction and due to this free trade the
gross national income of the countries increasing rapidly and the living
standard of the people of these countries getting better and better with every
new day. As a result of free trade among these countries the price becomes very
low because there are no any taxes burden in trade so due to low price the
purchasing power of the people will increase as a result employment will
increase and there will be an increase in the income of the employed which
leads to higher rates of economic growth for the countries who are mainly
involved in free trade that experience rising living standards. The main point
here is to look that are people living in developing countries more satisfied
with their lives of they are less satisfied.

 Usually the people living in developing countries
have very low income and one major indicator which affects the living standard
of the people is low income. High income means that people can have more
choices in life and they can spend it in a better way and it will make them
spend a more happy life. High income people can bear every cost of things and
they can buy everything which they want so income in one way is directly linked
with happiness of people. Now if we take example of low income people mostly
living in developed countries they are having a vulnerable life without any satisfactions
for them. They don’t have enough income to make better choices in decision
making for themselves and for their family. They are restricted to limited
domain with their low income capacity and hence they have no any satisfaction due
to their low income. The people in developing countries facing a lot of
hardship and problem related to the health, education and poverty, sanitation
etc. people in developing countries are worse off related to health, mortality
rates are very high in developing countries as compared to developed countries.
People have very low life expectancy in developing countries; there are many
deadly diseases like malaria, Congo virus, hepatitis, Aids due to which
thousands people losing their life. Poor people’s almost all income will be
vanish fighting and treating against these diseases. Malnutrition is known as
the big problem in developing countries where almost half of the populations of
children are undernourished which causes them to reduce their height and they
become unhealthy, poor nutrition’s lead to many health issues like poor vision,
low energy, pneumonia and diarrhea. In education related facilities developing
countries have very poor standard of schools and not having quality education
system, good structure of schooling and facilities are seem far  from achieving this vital goal of sustainable
goal. Sanitation system in developing countries is very poorly and due to which
many disease are spreading into the surrounding environments. Due to these
diseases many people getting sick and are shifted to hospitals where they spend
a lot of income for treatment as well.

a large population in developing countries is living under $1 or $2 per day income. It means that these poor people are
spending all their income on just food items, these people having no any saving
left for them needed in dire circumstances’ and they have only just few
productive assets like motorbike, sewing cloth machine, phone and they lack access
to good infrastructure as well. Large populations are living in poor household
and land area with small plots. The middle class people in developing countries
have steady well paying jobs and have small business running, good earning and they
can invest easily their income for future betterment purposes and these people
at the succeed in their business mostly by earning fair profit .   

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