Hire and Firing When the identification of competencies by internal staff happen within a company, in  order to operate strategically, the step to follow is to decide if retain the staff member or reskill. Generally, organizations establish a formal process to help make those decisions. High-performing companies have assigned higher competency standards, using formal assessment processes to evaluate internal staff and have been more willing to hire externally. (Knapik, J. J., Cosio-Lima, L. M., and Reynolds, K. L., 2015). Training frequently involves according to Hislop, V., (2014).:Consultative skills training, including teaching staff how to detect problem areas, assess the scope of the problems and look for internal customers to facilitate change.Orientation sessions to aware staff to their new roles.Use of organizational assessment and diagnostic tools.Challenges within HR- DiversityNow a days companies have become diverse and because of this employers has been adapting their human resources practices reflecting those changes. Many organizations have implemented workforce diversity programs, tending to promote and retain minorities and encourage the vendor diversity, implementing the diversity training for staff. The workforce diversity request employers to be more sensitive to the differences that each group transfer to the work. In reference to the diversity, employers need to adapt to those changes and reposition their philosophy from treating everyone on the same manner, in order to identify individual differences and responding to it in a manner that will ensure retention of employees and enhance productivity. Activities interpreted or considered as sexixt, racist or offensive to anyone must be avoided. Diversity also includes the assistance of issues related to work life balance. (Knapik, J. J., Cosio-Lima, L. M., and Reynolds, K. L.,2015).Every individual at the workplace need to be treated differently in terms of policies and practices including casual workers. In case of casual workers, the most important task that HR managers have with them is to not let them perceive themselves as a second class workers as they are not having the benefits of full time workers. Eventually,  casual workers are not loyal and 100% committed with the organization, because of the previous reasons. (Knapik, J. J., Cosio-Lima, L. M., and Reynolds, K. L., 2015).When an organization decides to hire temporary workers many issues come in front, which include the provision of scheduling options that suit their needs and making decisions about benefits without sufficient planning. Finally, HRM must be prepared to deal with the potential conflicts between core and contingent workers. Permanent employees may start to be envious because of the higher pay rates and flexibility in scheduling that the contingent workers have. (Knapik, J. J., Cosio-Lima, L. M., and Reynolds, K. L., 2015).

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