The native inhabitants of Chile are a people called the Araucanos. When Chile was
first discovered in 1520 by Portuguese explorer Magellen most of Chile was dominated
by these people. This Native American tribe was known for their remarkable fighting
ability’s. Chile was discoveredPedro de Valdivia ,Diego de Almargo and Ferdinand
Magellen . Magellen landed on the Chilo; Island following his voyage in 1520 through a
strait which now bears his name . When Chile was discovered by Magellen it was called
Tchili meaning “snow” . Pedro de Valdivia led a second expedition into southern Chile
in 1540. Valdivia overcame the fierce resistance of the Araucanos and succeeded in
establishing several settlements. These settlements included Santiago in 1541,Santiago is
now the capital of Chile, Concepci;n in 1550, and Valdivia in 1552. However only 3
years after Vabliva set up hisfirst settlement in Chile the Araucanians organized and in a
successful uprising killed Valdivia and many of his followers leaving only Concepci;n
The monetary unit used in Chile is one that is used in so many different Hispanic
countries, this monetary unit is called the Peso. The present governmental status of Chile
is a Republican one. The executive branch of the Chilean government holds 3 branches
which are chief of state, head of government and a cabinet. The chief of state and head of
government role is played by the same person which is elected by popular vote for a six
year term. The last election was held on December 12,1999 in which presiding president
Ricardo Lagos Escobar won by only three percent of the votes against Joaquin Lavin.
The cabinet is appointed by the residing president for the length of his six year term.
The legislative branch is made up of a bicameral Congreso Nacional of Senado. This

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