“Tourism and the Hong Kong economy” is basically describing the relations between the tourism and economy in Hong Kong.There are many different resources can cause the influence on economy by tourism, such as, the export of services, industries, and policy etc.The present monograph introduces the issues, the source markets which how they affect the tourism.Also analysis of the economic impact of tourism and addresses the strategic importance of aviation industry and the airport capacity problem.Furthermore, the studies of the hotel industry are another key industry in the tourism sector.Also, the retail sector, and the building of new tourist attractions and the policy are all had been mentioned from the book.
As the book state, a significant proportion of visitors to Hong Kong are business travelers, not tourists.Of course, Hong Kong has managed to attract visitors who come purely for pleasure.Exports provide a powerful stimulus for growth.Domestic demand is much less powerful in this regard.Basically, exports represent a direct injection of purchasing power into the economy.Without incomes earned from export, purchasing power has to come from within the economy.Also, the source markets can be affcting the tourism.The present institutional constraints on the inflow of China tourists, which is a complex issue.The consequence of direct air links between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China, which some people find worrisome, is expected to be slight for obvious reasons.The benefits of the convention business and the marketing concept of the integrated Pearl River Delta, which vastly expands the scope of tourist attractions to visitors’ markets and the growing convention business are two new aspects of the tourism industry that deserve mention.Hong Kong has always been well known for its openness to work drade.It has also captured a large share of the global revenue that international travel gen…

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