“History is for human self-knowledge
… the only clue to what man can do is what man has done. The value of history,
then, is that it teaches us what man has done and thus what man is” – R. G.


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quote interprets my enthusiasm and interest in study IHIS. The concept of
history subconsciously takes a fundamental role in our minds from all aspects.

want to be enlightened with the events of the past to further comprehend the
present in order to be prepared for the future. I have always been interested
in how history shaped our present, how it is involved in everything, religion,
economy, politics, philosophy, ethics and beliefs.




Being brought up in a multi-cultural country and attending a
school with various ethnicities, I have had the pleasure of experiencing many
different cultures and religions. This has allowed me to develop a wide
understanding and acceptance of lifestyle and belief of others, which has also
given me insight into global politics and history.



This has also been further embellished whilst I have been an
active member of Qatar Debate team for three years and attending numerous
conferences. This enabled me to overcome my fear of public speaking, enhance my
leadership skills, become acquainted with diplomacy and international issues
and meet new people from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. One of our motions in
debate was whether we support communism or capitalism. The experience I gained
from this specific motion has helped me immensely in

the past’s effects on the present. It gave me a whole new insight about the
world and how it operates. Specially the communist manifesto theory by Karl
Marx and how this theory summarizes the reasons behind the inequality that’s
present in society.







These experiences have taught me several skills, and expanded on
my existing knowledge that I was unaware of. The skills I have gained are
skills I continue to embody and know that I can comfortably share with my

I successfully managed
to fulfill my potential in many areas through exploring beyond the limitations
of my classroom which has enhanced my research skills and self dependence to
gain knowledge


university is one of the best universities worldwide and it is a privilege to
have it located here in Qatar – the country I consider home. An experience in Georgetown
university is definitely exceptional. The qualified Faculty members, all which
assures the students to gain the required experience and knowledge to stem
their career to the next level. With such resources and opportunities offered I
will ensure I make sufficient use of them to guarantee a high academic
performance and a valuable learning experience.




aside, the growing cultural and ethnic diversity Georgetown University
wholeheartedly accommodates appeals to me the most as I believe it will help me
enhance my humble experience in appreciating and accepting different cultures.

In addition to this, the small and vibrant community will allow me to engage
in daily interactions and build meaningful connections not only with my
classmates but also with upperclassmen and faculty members.



  Overall, apart from the archetypical qualities of being
dedicated, utmost enthusiastic and self-motivated, I am eager to take a
persistent approach to all my work, I strive for the best results and never
turn away from a worthy challenge. I want to use an IHIS degree not only as a
career but also as a fulfilling interest and an absorbing study, to inspire
people, challenge normality, encourage society to evolve and be a catalyst for
change. I am looking forward with great anticipation to the challenges studying
for a degree in IHIS will bring and believe it will help give me the skills and
experience I need to pursue my future goals.

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