In our first drama lesson, which was based on witchcraft, our teacher Mrs Massey asked us to think about some basic word association surrounding witchcraft. As the whole class put ideas together, everybody typically associated witches to look like this. ?Horrible features such as, boils, warts, pointed noses and chins, yellow teeth and long yellow nails ?Strange dress sense that includes large black pointed hats, stripped socks and they generally wore dark morbid colours. ?Stereotypical witches are also associated with, big black cauldrons, potions, spells, broomsticks and frogs.

?Stereotypical witches are also associated with night time that includes the full moon, bats and black cats. This evidence shows that it is very clear, that this is a stereotypical image of a witch stereotypical witch image differs quite a lot compared to a witch in normality. Here is a picture of a stereotypical witch. Witches in reality do not look like this they are just normal people. The stereotypical image has been developed over a long period of time. These images have been developed and exaggerated from fairy tales and gradually made into books and films. Such as the Witches, Hocus-pocus and Snow White.

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This is where I think the whole stereotypical image of a witch has come from. The history of Salem witchcraft The events, which led to the Salem witch trials, occurred in Danvers a parish in Salem town . The commotion in the village was started by the bizarre and strange behaviour of two young sisters, Betty and Abigail, daughters of the village minister Samuel Parris. Hanging was a popular way of killing witches, particularly in England and Salem; Massachusetts. Approximately 1000 people were hanged for witchcraft in Salem. Of These, about 400 were hanged over a 14-month period.

?80 % of the witches were women. ?There were two types of magic, which were black magic and white magic. ?Witches were tour sheds they would be crushed to death, get their eyes scratched out and women would be mutilated. ?Also if you had a disability you would be classed as a witch. Here is a picture of people being hanged: Still Image In class after our discussion we got into groups and produced a still image together here is the still image: This image above is showing two sisters who are being hanged, because the mayor of the town is accusing them of witchcraft.

The mayor, who is sitting on the chair, wants the sisters hung because he wants them to die a slow painful death, so they suffer. He thinks they are witches because he has heard rumours about bizarre behaviour, he thinks they act in strange ways. You can see a lady is crying with her head in her hands, she is crying with grief and another lady is praying for the two sisters. The lady stood on the table has been ordered by the mayor to hang them. This still image could be improved by angling some of the characters differently so you can see their facial expressions more clearly.

But apart from that I think the still image is very good because levels are used extremely well. Thought Tracking Mrs Massey then thought tracked us Mrs Massey did this so we were more involved with our character. Mrs Massey said to me: who are you and why do you look so pleased? I replied, I am the mayor of the town and I want the two sisters to be hanged, as they dance together all the time and I have heard a lot of strange stories about them. This is why I am so happy because they are getting what they deserve; I want all the witches in the town killed.

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