Pleasant Holiday Experiences On Costa Do Estoril And Beyond
Portugal’s Costa Do Estoril enjoys a delightful south-facing perspective. It starts at Carcavelos, 15 kilometres from Lisbon, and stretches for a distance of 20 kilometres westwards along the Atlantic seaboard to Guincho. It portrays a delightful blend between the charm of the land and the fascinating exquisiteness of the sea.
Using the internationally known resort of Estoril as a base, my wife and I had the pleasure of experiencing the region and some of its peripheries during a 2001 visit.
We found Estoril to be a pleasing, safe and unspoilt smallish seaside town where natural beauty and individual architecture blends with the surroundings. It has a pleasantly warm climate with an ever-present gentle breeze. Estoril has played its part in history making. It was a favourite haven of kings and aristocrats who retreated to exile following many of the tumultuous events of the 20th century and, a centre of international espionage and secret diplomacy during World War 11. The legacy that remains is one of sophistication and cosmopolitanism.
Today Estoril is better known for its magnificent casino. A delightful park, edged by tall, tropical palm trees, fronts the attractive building which forms the centrepiece of the resort. A visit to the multifaceted entertainment centre is recommended.
Close-by is the famous Tamariz Beach. The combination of a vast, shimmering sunlit bay, people of all ages and colour relaxing on the sand, and a promenade hiving with happy, smiling strollers creates a lasting impression.
A four-minute train ride, or thirty minutes on Shank’s mare via a promenade, takes one from Estoril to picturesque Cascais. It has much to offer in the way of forts, castles, swimming, sailing, eating out, shopping and scenery. Well worth a visit or two!
Lisbon is a mere 25 kilometres from Estoril. The breathtaking architectural treasures and deep-seated seaf

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