The Honduran lifestyle much like our own is based on family ties. Family ties go out beyond the traditional family. You can commonly find Parents, Grandparents, Children, Aunts & Uncles and cousins occupying the same household. The homes are usually a small two-room adobe home with dirt floors. The traditional homes are made of brick and have atriums or inner patios. At one end of the square was the Catholic Cathedral and the other end of the square was the public administration building.
Like in our own country the father is the head of the household, but the mother is the one with the greatest responsibilities and influences in everyday life. Most young people don't leave home until they are married. Even when they are married the couple either move in with one of the parents or move by really close.
The family has sit down dinners every night. The common dinner plate would have rice, beans, corn tortillas and cheese as the staple foods. Pork is also considered a special treat, usually resevered for holidays and specials occasion. Bananas, mangos, citrus fruits, and coconuts avocados are the most common fruits and veggies at any meal. Coca-Cola, Fresca, water, coffee, tea, and beer are common drinks.
The family also celebrates many holidays that we also celebrate such as New Years, Labor Day, Columbus Day and Armed Forces Day. One of the must popular holidays in Honduras is Independence Day. There are family activities and parades all day long. Another one of the most popular holiday times is the Easter Holy Week. Celebrations and parades will fill the streets on Good Friday. Easter Sunday may go by almost unnoticed.In addition they also have celebrations honoring patron saints and regional festas.In marriages like in most Spanish countries, they carry both their paternal and maternal surnames. The fathers surname is the individual’s family name, but the mothers surname appears at the

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