How to recover quickly after the failure everybody has faced failures whether its a failure of a big presentation an unsuccessful deal with a client a career failure it takes our energy our confidence and our dreams. we feel disappointed when what we expected from the situation and what we get in reality. disappointment manifests itself in a gap between what we planned or hoped for and what we actually got. sometimes this is a huge abyss. and we are grieving for todays loss realizing that our concrete plans for the future are also destroyed. Here are three strategies to cope with the failure after all sooner or later you will face it. 1- recognize that there is no method or point that is best suited to combat failure maybe you want to find the positive side of the incident while your boss or colleague will prefer to sit in the dark and terrified for a while. Dont feel like you are obligated to immediately pull someone by the ears of their suffering. Ignore the people you manipulate you to take advantages of the situation or your position. Let you and others have a certain space do not make people instantly switch to your point of view. 2- recognize that this failure can teach you something sometimes we dont make plans which lead to long-term losses. Dont just work and plan for today you should have clear idea of your next move and plan. And every failure teaches you something. Remember the lesson and try not to do the same mistake again. your frustration may indicate to you the flaws in your strategy your inflated expectations erroneous assumptions and judgments or even your personal flaw. do not waste your misery. 3- dont lower the bar anger sadness and shame from failure can prevent you from doing what you are meant for and ready. will you drop the sales plan to guarantee its achievement when a good and very hard-working employee leaves you do you want to replace him with someone less outstanding when we ask ourselves a low bar to feel safe and to achieve victory more easily we deprive ourselves our business and the whole world of our potential brilliant accomplishments. thats what will be a real failure. Dont settle for less than you expected. Try hard next time to achieve more powerful and successful result. Chose one path and stay focus on it until you get what you deserve. The pain caused by failures can bring you even more ambitious results and opportunities if you are ready to take the situation patiently do serious work to learn the lesson and get down to business again. and again.

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