There has always been a man like desire to create life in ones own image! How successful has this been? My essay is going to discuss creation and talk all about different theories of the world being created, and ways that man has created humans in their own image e. g god creating Adam and Eve and scientists and doctors creating human embryos and clones. Also animal clones. Another example is the story Frankenstein, the author Mary Shelley wrote about victor Frankenstein creating a human being in his own image.

This has sometimes been very successful especially when babies have been born due to genetic engineering, this is good for couples who cannot have children but there will also be problems later on in life to worry about. One being racism, humans which were creating due to engineering may discriminate against humans which were created by the natural way, or maybe the other way around. If we could start designing humans, as we wanted them everyone would create intelligent good looking fit humans, then there would be no one left to do all the easy jobs for the planet.

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First I am going to start with the biblical genesis. In the story of genesis god created the earth and all life on it in the way, which he wanted to, he desired to create humans in his own image (Adam & Eve being the first) and also wanted to create the earth like he wanted it. Genesis says the order in which god created everything. It states that god created the earth in 6 days and he rested on the 7th. On day one he created night and day On day two he created the sea and the sky On day three more seas and the land were created On day four he created the sun the stars and the moon

On day five he created animals and plants On day six he created humans and other animals And on the 7th day he rested. This seems hard to believe that any man in any shape or form could have done all this in such a short time, or even in a long time it is still hard to believe that it is possible. But many people of many religions believe that god is very special and able, and don’t even doubt that what genesis says is true. Scientists have come to another conclusion of the creation of earth named “The Big Bang” this theory is that chemicals in the sky reacted to cause a big explosion which created earth and life.

Atheists (people who do not believe in god) believe that the first human beings evolved from fish or apes, this seems easier to believe than the Adam and Eve story. Religious people believe that god created Adam and eve and they were the first human beings on the planet and that its from them that we descend. Many people throughout the ages have asked who am I? Why was I put on the earth? Some people believe that humans were created to improve the earth and look after plants and animals.

If the story is true, I think its that god is not able to create humans as special as himself so that’s why he created human beings, they may not have magical strength and be able to do things the same as god has done and can do but they are good enough to keep the world going and keep everything in order. In genesis it says: ” and god said let us make man in our own image after our likeness and let them have domain over the fish and over the sea and over the foul of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth”

This proves my point that god created humans in his own image and the reason that god created humans for. I also believe he created humans so that everyone will remember god and not forget that he was the great being that created the earth and all life on it. God felt very powerful creating humans, he created Adam and Eve how HE wanted them. I think he felt a sense of pride and he was chuffed that he created life, as he wanted it and that he was a leader of a human race. I also read an alternative genesis story about the Prime Minister.

It talks about the Prime Minister and all his workers in a lab experimenting and trying to work out how life started and how to create life. God got very angry that people doubted his strength and the story of creation. In the story god knocks on the door of the building where they are and the Prime Minister asks who are you? God replies I am god. God asks the Prime Minister what they are doing the Prime Minister says he does not believe god created everything as the original genesis puts it. God gets very angry and performs miracles to try and prove how capable he is.

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