This in turn causes mental retardation. Once a child is diagnosed of phenylketonuria, it can be given a diet free of phenylalanine and the child develops normally.

In all instances however metabolic errors cannot be cured, even though causes are known. For instance, albinism cannot be cured, but albino individuals can be made to survive by not exposing themselves to excessive radiation. Some of the possible methods of euphenic treatment are as follows.

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Enzyme treatment:

Many of the defects such as Alkaptanuria (Black urine) are caused due to absence of one or more enzymes.

It is worthwhile examining whether intake of such enzymes can bring about relief. Attempts indeed have been made in this direction with limited success, because of immunological difficulties.

A study of the synthesis of chain of Hemoglobin has helped scientists to understand the reasons for Cooles and Lepore anemia, and one day they hope to rectify the mutated gene providing cure for the suffering individuals.

The role of genetics in human medicine is increasingly becoming important and some of the dreaded diseases like cancer, AIDS etc., may one day be eliminated due to advancement in genetic techniques.

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