How often do you come across people shooting the ‘How was your day’
question? As often as you breathe, right? And the common response would be “Nothing
much man! It’s the same old routine. Wake up. Work. Go home. Sleep. Repeat.”
Won’t you agree with me if I say that this is pretty much the routine of most
of the people?

What is a routine anyway?

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Routine is anything that you do so often that you get used to it that
you don’t have to actually think about it anymore. It’s something that’s moulded
into you and your life.

Of course, a routine life is easy, convenient and lets you lead a
pretty comfortable life. Routines create structure. It can simplify our life by
making them less complicated and less chaotic.

But, routines won’t provide you with stories to tell. They can also
be sometimes really frustrating or disappointing as they are just too normal (pretty
sad, right?)

Basically, routines suck. Routine is the death of one’s soul
qualities. We start questioning everything around us, our existence and there
comes a point when we end up asking ourselves ‘what the hell are we doing with
our lives?’

Even when we have the most pleasurable job and the most loving
family, we won’t be content. After all, we are humans who tend to seek for more
interesting things in life (agree?)

So, basically the point is, even when the happiest life becomes a
routine, we lose interest.

Most of us often feel trapped in a routine life, sameness and

So, what do you think could be our deepest wish?

“To kill this monotony”

And how can we do that?

It might sound dauntless to say ‘Go impulsive, throw a dart at the
world map and travel to wherever it lands. But, let’s be honest here. First of
all, we are not that rich (yet), to satisfy our wanderlust because if that’s
the case, we wouldn’t be stuck in this routine in the first place. Second of
all, due to other important professional commitments, it’s pretty impossible
for us to block our calendars for such mind relaxing vacations (Argh!)

So what can else can we done without being impulsive, bankrupt and

Get a third space.

Yes! You read that right.

A space, which is not our home and not our work. Basically, this
space must be our recharge spot to be our highest self. This third space must
give us different experiences that help us to feel and stay alive. Most
importantly, this space must help us to never complain about our routine life.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a philosophical place, counting
the stars on the roof top or feeding the pigeons near an ancient monument like they
show in movies ( but yeah, if that’s one of the best recharge spots for you,

It can be as simple as playing cricket or soccer with your friends,
going to a nice park/coffee shop/library/dance classes/language classes,
hitting your gym, reading a novel, painting your nails under the dim light of
our staircase. But, let’s just locate our recharge spots.

Also, keep changing this third space often too so that it won’t
become a part of ‘the routine’.

Remember, as long this routine dictate the pattern of our lives,
new dimensions of our souls will not emerge.

So, let’s never get so busy making a living that we forget to make
a life.

Find your third space. Find your recharge spot.


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