(ii) Scats are not too hard

(iii) Driver drives smoothly

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(iv) Visitors should have the opportunity to use a clean toilet at least every 2 hrs.

(v) take along small items which will help with comfort and offer them to the group, (cost them into the tour), things such as insect repellent, umbrellas or sun­shades, travel wipes, sick bags, peppermints etc. are advisable.

2. Create Interest:

Clearly places of historical, political or geographical interest are in this category, but visitors also like to know where familiar foods or products come from. Show them how tea is grown or how cotton is woven or whatever else from that area and you will notice that they are keen to see and buy too.

3. Have Fun:

People mainly want to enjoy themselves and have fun. Young people may enjoy water rafting, hot air ballooning or bungee jumping.

4. While booking car/coach from the operator, check all the licenses and road taxes which have to be paid.

5. Do not make the itinerary too tiring at any point of travel.

6. Select places to be visited in such a way so as to give maximum variety of places to the tourist, so that the tour does not become monotonous.

7. It would be preferable to keep photographs of the places being visited along with the tour programme.

8. Keep train/airline timetables for ready reference and always check for arrival/departure delays. Always reconfirm reservations to avoid last-minute confusion.

9. Cover the hill stations or beach resorts preferably at the end of the tour to give relaxation.

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