(c) Do not get suppliers’ consent under duress and trust them,

(d) Give fair treatment to all suppliers,

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(e) Avoid personal purchases for employees from the same supplier,

(f) Do not make an individual personal purchase invoice in the company’s name and pay cash to the employee,

(g) Avoid switching off quantity changes, postpone, and cancel orders without adequate notice,

(h) Fix a ceiling on gifts, hospitality, parties and festival presents,

(i) Avoid discussion of one vendor with other and maintain confidentiality and accuracy of information,

(j) Minimize special treatment to vendors preferred by related to top management,

(k) Avoid creating cleavage between suppliers,

(l) Do not exploit seller’s weaknesses,

(m) Discourage revision in quotations, after receipt offenders,

(n) Keep specifications complete, clear and fair with drawings, documents, etc.

(o) Show consideration to sellers’ difficulties and cooperate with them in the difficulties,

(p) Avoid rejections on petty grounds by converting the situation into a give-and-take one,

(q) Have buying policies consistent with the companies’ selling policies, without giving corporate sectors,

(r) Observing strict truthfulness in all transactions with suppliers in every respect,

(s) Keep free from any obligation to the suppliers, and avoid vendors of an unethical nature,

(t) Answer letters courteously and promptly and enhance the corporate image,

(u) Expedite testing, sampling and inspection to make quick decisions on payment,

(v) Openness to new methods and technologies by encouraging test trials and interest in new items,

(w) Rely on a common-sense approach to problems rather than a legalistic frame,

(x) Visit major sources of supply to know about the stability,

(y) Settle disputes on the basis of facts and fairness, and

(z) To submit facts to arbitration if a mutual agreement cannot be reached.

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