The people elect the members of the Board, some are nominated. These Boards are more than 150000. The members of the Board select the local school Superintendent. The term of the members is 5 to 7 years. No qualification is prescribed.

Its functions are—to design educational policy, programmes and projects, to implement the State or Federal educational policy, to know the local needs and traditions through the members of the Board, administration and control of education, to seek the co­operation of various departments for obtaining educational facilities and to establish public contact.

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Local School Superintendent:

The main duty of the Superintendent is to implement the rules, programmes and projects proposed by the Education Board. He is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Board. There is no prescribed minimum qualification for him. An able person is selected.

Other Educational Administrative Units:

County (Rural) Board System:

It is one of the successful systems in the educational sphere. It is found in Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky States. The educational system and administration is in the hands of County Board and the Superintendent.

Township System:

The system is prevalent in New Jersey, Pensylvenia, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana States.

It is one of the oldest and smallest systems. This system is for the organsiation and administration of education in rural areas. One room-school is found in these areas. The system exists mostly in New England where it originated.

City Education System:

This system is found in cities where the population is more than 25 to 30 thousand. It is one of the most successful and progressive educational systems.

Education Administrative Unit:

City Education Boards and City Education Superintendent are the administrative units of the city educational organisation.

Organisation of City Schools:

City Education Boards and City Education Superintendent and their officials are responsible for educational organisation and administration.

City Education Superintendent:

His qualification is not prescribed but he should be a graduate or post-graduate. His term is from 1 to 21 years. He is responsible for all educational organisation and administrative work.

City Education Board:

Its work is legislative. It is the highest unit. Its organisation depends on the population and extent of the town. The term of the members is from 3 to 21 years. Qualifications are not prescribed. Its work is carried on with the co-operation of the Education Superintendent.

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