How to install Drupal In this article I am going to talk about the way to install Drupal to the point you can enter your site and start using Drupal to developing it. So, in other words, you can say it’s a little tutorial to help you in this task. I am going to write this tutorial in steps so it’s easier for you to keep along step by step. Step One: First thing you need to install is the server you will be using. In this tutorial we will be explaining how to install the WAMP server for windows. computer’s 1. You must visit www.wampserver.com/en2. Go to Download tab and download the version compatible with your architecture3. After the download is complete, you can now open the downloaded file4. A wizard will open, and you can proceed in installing as you do with any wizard installation5. After installation is finished, in order to make sure the server services is on you find the WAMP server icon in the right of your task bar, click it then click start all services can Step Two: Now to download Drupal itself.1. You must visit www.drupal.org2. Go to Download and extend tab and click download Drupal 3. When the new page open, click download the zip file 4. After downloading the zip file, you have to unzip it5. Copy the unzipped file and move it to the www directory in your WAMP folder wherever you had installed it before 6. Rename your folder to whatever you want(ex: Drupal) Step Three: The third step now is to make database in WAMP server to hold the drupal files1. Make sure your server services is started2. Go to phpMyAdmin by clicking the WAMP server icon in the task bar then clicking Step Four: default phpMyAdmin3. Create a new database into your server Now to install Drupal1. Go to your WAMP server folder > www folder > drupal folder > sites folder > folder2. Make another copy of the default.settings file and rename it(ex: settings)3. go to localhost/drupal (or / the name you gave to your drupal folder in www directory)4. Choose the language and click save and continue5. Choose the Standard edition and then click save and continue 6. ? Choose MySQL as the database type ? Type the name of the database you made in thephpMyAdmin in your server (drupal)? Now if you didn’t change anything in the WAMP installation the username will be root and there is no need to type a password? Click save and continue 7. Enter site information such as name and email8. Enter server settings such as your country then click save and continue Step Five: Congrats you have now completed downloading DrupalClick visit your new site to go the siteyou can login and logout with username and password of your site at any time you want 

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