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These but not only are amongst the wonders of modern world.
However there is still room for improvement. Everyday are being different
inventions made and the world keep on improving.The above mentioned discoveries
and inventions are accepted worldwide as the wonders of this time. The wonders
of our era.




Flying has been one of the greatest dreams of mankind, which
nowadays is no longer a myth but a fact. Starting from the very beginning with
Dedalus in antiquity who made the first tries to challenge gravity to continue
with Leonardo da Vinci and his projects and only to come to Wright brothers
that won their challenge against gravity. Nowadays this dream of mankind has
been realized but it won’t stop here. Space traveling is another wonder of
modern world. With Yuri Gagarin a soviet astronaut, the first man to ever hit
the orbit of earth,people have made new discoveries in space. Starting from the
possibility to study the smallest of cosmic bodies, they have reached as far as
finding water in Mars, and the possibility to have life there. Different
satellites are out there giving all information is needed. People before only
used to see the moon but nowadays people walk on it. Astronauts walking in
outer space for different missions in service of mankind.


Medicine science has existed since the ancient times but it
was very limited. What paraphrases medicine science nowadays as a wonder are
the cures that had been invented for some of the most lethal diseases. Many
infectious diseases have been conquered through vaccines, antibiotics and
different cures. Doctors are finding cure to every illness nowadays. The modern
equipment help doctors to succeed on hardest and most complicated operations.
Treatments have been improved. Important discoveries are made such as blood
transfusion which according to some of the most prominent doctors of our time
is the greatest discovery in this field. Nowadays doctors can do surgeries,
transplant heart, brain and other organs, that before it was impossible to do
such a thing.

Internet has totally
changed our lives. The Internet is a system of connected computer networks to
serve billions of people who use it from all around the world. It is a
network  that includes millions of other
networks, that are mutually linked. The Internet began to grow in the 1960s. It
has no owner. Today there are billions of web pages, and they increase every
day, just like their users. The Internet can be accessed almost anywhere by
numerous means. It has never been easier for people to access educational
information at any level from anywhere. For instance, an accountant staying at
home can buy the books of a company located on different countries. So as can
easily can be from this paragraph internet is a facility that somehow has
challenged the distance by bringing us closer to almost everything in the daily
life which of course makes our lives a lot much more easier. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet

But the wonders of the modern world are so different from
the ancient one. Today is the era of modernization and technology eve. Since
then everything has changed and has moved forward and evolving. Comparing with
ancient times, wonders were grandiose buildings and were evaluated since they
were pleasant for the eye but now they are scientific discoveries that make our
life easier.

In the following essay a research has been made according to
the information gathered about some of the greatest discoveries of this era.
Just like the ancient world these discoveries could be described as the wonders
of the modern world. A general information will be provided below since the
very first time the “wonders” have been discovered or invented and their
evolution until nowadays.


of Modern World”.


Department of Computer

January 9th, 2018



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