I remember when I was a kid, our television had different color lines and I thought
it was broken, then I was amazed when my father used magnet and brought it near to the
TV then those lines were distorted. But I never asked him why is it so. So now, I know
why it is distorted.
A Cathode Ray Tube, often called a CRT, forms the picture on an old-fashioned
TV. It uses an electron beam, deflected by magnets, to “paint” the picture. When an
electron in a vacuum moves through a magnetic field, the field bends the path of the
electron. That is how the picture is drawn in the CRT. The screen is phosphorescent, and
when it hits the different colored dots on the front of the screen, they glow in red, green,
or blue if it is a color TV, or just white if it is a black and white TV. Anyway, if you put a
magnet near the front of the TV, or perhaps the back or side, depending on the strength,
it will deflect the electron beam from the intended path. In the case of a color TV, it will
also cause weird colors, because the electron beam is not hitting the color of dot that it is
supposed to hit. Also, a magnet distorts the picture as it distorts the path of electrons
flowing from the electron gun towards the screen inside the TV. As electrons are
negatively charged particles, a magnet distorts their motion. Therefore, it is these
electrons, not photons, which are distorted by the magnet. “So the picture tube depends
on electrons hitting the screen to make it work. The negative pole of a magnet repels the
electrons, thus scattering the electrons and distorting the picture. The positive pole of the
magnet attracts the electrons putting it on the screen can damage the screen. When you
remove the magnet, you may see some weird colors persisting. As you turn on and off
the TV, a degaussing magnet will eventually remove any residual magnetism.
Therefore, the path of the electrons will be distorted with the help of the magnetic
field which magnetic field is a force field that is created by moving electric charges and
magnetic dipoles, and exerts a force on other nearby moving charges and magnetic

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