I should be chosen over other applicants due to the following reasons broke down by type and personal qualities.FlexibilityWithin a position of being staff in any form of work either in real life or in Minecraft, you need to be flexible. It is a something that I am and hold to myself in a high regard alongside the rest of these traits. I am flexible in more ways than one. I can balance my time as a staff member on Hyvast alongside all school matters and real-life tasks, this is something that I have learned to do from the time being staff on other servers. Not only can I keep myself flexible in what times I need to be working but being able to change and adapt to any and all new/old rules and regulations that are opened up to me.Work EthicWork ethic is one of the most hard-hitting things that a staff member should have. My work ethic is something that has always been important to me. I am a staff member that WILL always be doing my job to the server to make any and all players have the best time inside of the server and forums as humanly possible. I will always make sure I am doing my job when it needs to be done. I will never just go under the radar and not do my duty to the people of Hyvast.HonestyHonesty is another one of those things anyone in any position of “power” needs to have. I for one am very Honest, I have never nor would ever lie, cheat, scam, or in any other way vex or take away someone’s beliefs or thoughts. Honesty is not just “not telling a lie” it is deeper than that. Everyone has rights, even inside of a video game. Someone’s thoughts, opinions, loves, beliefs, wants, etc. should always be respected even if you do not follow them yourself.CommunicationCommunication is something that any and all people should have. I will communicate any major problems to another staff member. As well as anytime I will not be able to fulfill my daily “quota”. If I suspect someone of hacking and after a long time watching and checking on the player if it is still unseen as too what is happening I will ask another staff member to take a look. I will always try and communicate to a violator of rules as to what they have done.VersatilityMy versatility goes right along with my work ethic, as I am able to adapt to any and all task given to me. I am able to manage all challenges and abide by all rules while doing it. I will do the things any other staff member will or won’t do with respect, responsibility, and maturity.Intelligence & logicIntelect and logical thinking go hand in hand. As for a staff member on Hyvast, I am able to logically give someone a rightful punishment using the tool I was born with, my brain. Unless someone is just flying around and using kill aura I’m not just going to randomly punish someone. I will do all the work/overview needed in order to RIGHTFULLY do my job. As for someone who has been banned/punished for no reason before I would never let that happen to a fellow Hyvast player.

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