I am against the issue regarding the drilling of oil in ANWR. ANWR is one of the last intact landscape in the Arctic that is known to be  home to a large number of wildlife in America. It is also known as the ” fragile and ecologically sensitive ecosystems in the world”. It is ethically wrong to develop resources on an area where it  is reserved for wildlife as it will cause damage to the area. It is said that drilling will not produce much oil, it brings up the question of if  it is worth it to put the wildlife at risk in order to drill for something you end up getting in a small amount.Drilling in the ANWR is not the only option. There are other domestic places where the drilling is already open but is not yet explored by oil companies. It would be smart to finish up resources in opened areas for drilling first then only look into reserved areas as the last resort. It is not ethical to start something new before finishing something that is not yet to be finish. Drilling in the Arctic environment will also cause permanent damages due to the harsh environment there. The harsh climate also caused the environment to be extremely vulnerable to long-lasting disturbance. Research on the government analysis, it is said that “drilling in the Arctic will bring more lost than benefits. 300,000 acres of caribou calving areas will be affected and unquantifiable loss of wilderness values throughout the entire coastal plain”. Drilling in the Arctic will also cause and have already caused oil spills. According to American Progress, “North Slope oil fields have averaged more than 400 oil spills per year, and across Alaska, there were 16 major spills from 2002 to 2016 that released at least 10,000 gallons of oil into the environment. Five of those spills released more than 100,000 gallons of oil”. People have brought up arguments on the points and opinion I have stated to be against the drilling for oil in ANWR. People have countered my point on how drilling will harm the animals. They said that drilling does not have a negative impact on the animals. They supported their argument by saying that the state and federal wildlife specialist  monitors the area daily. However, I am still against this as to me, once a damage is done there will be an impact somehow. Drilling oil in a certain area will definitely cause the animals to migrate and this is a change of habitat for the animals. 

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