I can still remember my childhood days when my
relatives always used to ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. I
would just say “MS in USA” though I did not know what it actually meant.But, as
time passed by, my academic background, areas of interest and the efforts I
made towards research during my undergraduation have stimulated me to pursue
Graduate Studies in Software Engineering.I am really impressed by the pace at
which the field of computers is evolving and playing a major role in everyone’s
life.I am looking forward to devoting my career to do research on modern
real-time environments and to excel in those fields.

A comprehensive background in the field of Computer
Science began during my undergraduation at Keshav Memorial Institute of
Technology where I got exposed to various core subjects like C, Java, Data
Structures, Algorithms, Computer Organization, Software Engineering etc.When it
came to Computer Science faculty ours was the best in our city.During that time, I worked on a
project named “Profile Swapper” which allows users to generate a private key
through which they can switch audio profiles of target Android device who have
this application installed.Because of this project, I was able to experience
what it feels like to develop an application with all the necessary
requirements, modules, testing etc.I got very good remarks for my project.After
my undergraduation, my immediate plan was to pursue Master’s degree but, I felt
it would be better to develop some professional skills for my upcoming
endeavors.So, I started working at Virtusa.

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Apart from
studies, I play basketball and cricket.Basketball made me a better person
physically and mentally.It is all about scoring baskets by understanding the
defender’s tactics and defend the basket by showcasing the teamwork.

Currently, I
am working at Virtusa as an Associate Engineer in Enterprise Information
Management.My responsibilities in my first project were to interact with the
clients and to perform data analysis on huge batches of data using
Hadoop.Currently, I am into my second project where my team is working for one
of the leading banks in England(Lloyd’s Banking Group).The whole aim is to draw
insights by analyzing huge amounts of data on Hadoop.Working at Virtusa really
helped me to enhance my professional skills and I was able to interact with a
lot of good associates.I got good remarks for being a strong work ethic and
collaboration skills.

Though my
two years of job experience has provided me a good understanding of project
handling, I am really passionate about acquiring in-depth knowledge of
computing technology.As Software Engineering encircles the knowledge of
computer science, computer engineering, project management etc I am convinced
that Software Engineering is the right choice for me.As the United States is a
center of excellence for Software Engineering, I wish to earn my Master’s
degree from a reputed university in the United States.

I have heard
a lot about the excellent faculty of Computer Science of San Jose State
University and the future of students who have graduated from there.I have gone
through the program details and the subjects in the university website and I am
totally convinced that San Jose State University will be the best destination
for me and will augment my ability in the research field.I really wish to have
the opportunity to work with the erudite professors of your university and
enhance my qualities as a researcher.I am sure that with the knowledge that I
gain from your university,I can fulfill my life goal of investing that
knowledge into a start-up in my country.With all these goals in mind,I honestly
feel that I am ready to pursue Master’s degree from San Jose State University.I
look forward to joining as a Graduate student at your university.

Thank you.


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