I have read a book called Pride and Prejudice which is one of the great classics written by Jane Austen, a writer born and efficient in the mid 18th to the 19th century. Pride and Prejudice is a story about a family called “The Bennets”, in which Jane tries to capture the life of a middle-class family in the english countryside in the 18th century. The Bennet family is necessarily not a family of great fortune, but is seen as a prestigeful family and considered quite important. The story begins with the news that a young wealthy man called Mr. Bingley, is renting an estate nearby the neighbourhood of Longbourn. This raises lots of awareness, especially in the Bennet family. Mr and Mrs Bennet has got five unmarried daughters named Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia, who Mrs Bennet is very eager to give away in marriage. They throw a ball and Mr. Bingley is present with his friend Mr. Darcy. Mr. Bingley and Jane, the eldest sister, immediately fancies each other. At the same event Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy meets, but with less amusement. Mr. Darcy believes that he is too good to be with a girl like Elizabeth and she, herself considers him rather arrogant, snobbish and obnoxious. As time passes, Mr. Darcy begins to realise he has feelings for Elizabeth, who at first doesn’t notice at all. The further you read the book, eventually you can start to see how Mr. Darcy is trying to get her attention in hope for a future marriage. One day, Mr. Darcy decides to propose to Elizabeth, and so he does. She is shocked and turns him down, since he had been awful to her since they first met at the ball. At this point, Mr. Bingley leaves for London where he spends months and rumour has it the romance between him and Jane is over, due to him not meeting her in London when she visits, when in fact he had no idea she was there. When he returns to Longbourn the love arises again and they get engaged. The “Bennet-family” meets a young man known as Mr. Wickham and Mr.Darcy’s childhood friend, whom the youngest sister Lydia, follows to Brighton along with several officers. A while later, the family is addressed a letter from Lydia telling them that she is marrying Mr Wickham before she returns home to Longbourne. Since the family is aware the debt Mr Wickham is owing, they send Mr Gardiner, Mr Bennet’s brother, to pay his debt so they can continue on spending their life together. Later on Elizabeth finds out that the debt was paid by Mr. Darcy. From now on Elizabeth starts to see a different side of Mr. Darcy and she realises that she has feelings for him, which she in the end confesses to him, which results in them getting married.

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