I feel delighted in recommending my student Ms. Nazrinbanu Nurmohammad Nagori for admission to the graduate program in your esteemed university. During my interaction, She has demonstrated tremendous effort and growth throughout the year and brought a great energy to class. She has that combination of a positive attitude and the belief that she can always improve that’s rare , but so essential to the learning process.She has attended my courses on Microwave Techniques and VLSI Technology in her 7th and 8th semester respectively during undergraduate study which has offered me with many occasions to interact and observe both her academic and intellectual skills. With 69.33% result in Microwave Techniques, she was among the top 10% of the class. She is an outstanding student in all respects. Nazrinbanu has proven that through hard work, follow through and teamwork, she can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner.Though she has consistently exceeded in all areas of her coursework, the best example of her intelligence shone through a project on theories of data compression Techniques. I myself was the internal examiner for her final year project during the undergraduate program. Her work clearly showed her ability to deliver a clear, concise, and well-thought presentation with a new perspective by demonstrating practical problems and real world scenarios to make it more meaningful.Nazrinbanu also was active member of the coordinating committee for various events of our institute. She was responsible for seating arrangement, stage design/setup and many other duties during Kashish and Sparsh, the annual cultural festivals of our institution. Her sense of organization shows that she has the focus, clarity, and strategic ability to fulfill a variety of tasks successfully. This combination of planning, scheduling, strategy and adaptability are the kinds of traits that make her dependable.I am confident that she will continue to display the same commitment and diligence in everything she does. I highly recommend her for Masters in computer Science in your university.

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