I have been a dedicated and keen learner  of how the processes of business works as I belong to a family who’s running their business for generations. From a young age I have demonstrated a keen integrated and an aptitude for subject areas that revolves around running and managing a business. My father, a success businessman, has been my sole inspiration and going to his office as a young kid, and observing him dealing with daily situations, I’ve always dreamt of being at his place one day.. This dedication and motivation leads me in believing that I will continue to work hard to achieve the best possible results in my field and beyond.Having studied business subjects throughout O’Level, I gained an excellent grounding in the core principles of the discipline. The knowledge gained  will ensure that I am well prepared to study the complex aspects of business management at undergraduate level. I have also been interested in the communication skills necessary to provide effective management and have worked to improve these abilities through the study of English.Having carefully considered my bachelors degree into Business Management, I have been studying International Foundation in Business to prepare myself for an undergraduate degree at your prestigious university. This  has allowed me a valuable opportunity to undertake study of management, and marketing. Alongside of my academics, I also make an effort to keep up with developments in the world of business and finance. I read both The Financial Times and The Economist. Having a healthy body is as important as keeping a healthy mind. I keep myself fit by going to the gym, and I also am an avid sports fan. Cricket is what I am a big fan of and can proudly claim to be a good batsman. Socialising is what I enjoy in my spare time which keeps me relaxed from all the hectic schedule. I strongly believe that I’m a dedicated student with the right capabilities to successfully pursue my desired degree and if offered a place at your prestigious university, I will try my utmost to deliver the best and beyond.

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