I take great pleasure in recommending Mr. Chandrakanth Chittappa for graduate studies at your renowned university. During his course work in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I have disciplined him in Object oriented programming using C++, Logical Design, Digital Signal Processing and Programmable Logic controller’s areas in 3 years from 2012 to 2015. During this time he has showed a great amount of dedication and hard-work to excel in the chosen areas of studies.

Chandrakanth has a good hold on the basics, concepts and fundamentals and is fond of acquiring a comprehensive knowledge in the above subjects. His constant efforts to expand his boundaries and go beyond the theoretical purview were evident during the laboratory sessions which revealed his intensely inquisitive mind. The Laboratory sessions has a fair amount of group interactions in which Chandrakanth was able to harmonize very well with his classmates. He has worked on the project named “Multiple input DC-DC converters” during his final year which was based on IEEE paper and it yielded the desired output. He has also given a seminar on the same topic which showed his excellent communication skills. He had an excellent coordination with his teammates as well as his classmates. I could see that he was interested in uncovering the science behind Data Analytics in his final year.

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Chandrakanth was actively involved in sports and cultural activities. He has represented our college in intercollege fests in Dance, theatrics and Street plays and has won several prizes. He has also participated in Badminton inter college tournaments representing our college. He had also been organising and coordinating many events in our college fests which showed his leadership qualities. He was thus capable of prioritizing things and maintained balance between academics and extra co-curricular activities which proved his managerial skills. His has an excellent command over English and is very effective in expressing his ideas with clarity.

I, therefore, strongly recommend him for admission in to graduate program at your respected university and believe that you will find him to be a student who will shine further through your graduate program and be a true asset to your university.

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