I understand that the key to power is learning
and I believe practicing regularly brings forth perfection. Patterns and
sequences is something I find interesting right from when I was young while
relating everything to a source. Getting to know how mathematics and its
applications can be used in solving problems from my mentor was exciting to me
whilst growing up and basically that is where my goal of studying mathematics
started from during secondary school days.

I got to know about actuarial science as a
course, its applications to solving real life problems and how it can be related
to everything in the society especially finance, insurance and health sector, whilst
I was studying Industrial mathematics during my undergraduate days. The
mathematical procedures gives/empower an individual to having a systematic
procedure in solving problems through proper analysis.

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During my internship, I was able to applied
this mathematical way of thinking in resolving business issues whilst I was
developing my business communication and leadership skill as I realized that
solving problems in the society requires not only logical process in thinking
but also being able to communicate and relate with people analytically.

 I enjoy listening to urban
music and I also engage in watching sports (soccer, tennis and basketball)
during my free time with people.

I currently spend my Saturdays gathering
children in my neighborhood and teaching them mathematics especially the
girl-child, as knowledge of mathematics is a sure way of boosting their
confidence and self-esteem. This is tag, Kids4Maths. This voluntary service had
continued to open my eyes to challenges in Africa as it relates to education
and wastage of talented resources and how best to resolving them.  I hope to continue this activity further at
the university during my master; assisting the undergraduate with mathematics.

I believe that having masters in
Statistics and Actuarial Science in this great
university, Simon Fraser University Burnaby Canada, where the tradition is
great, environment is awesome and acceptability of people, irrespective of
their status, would enable me
to thrive as a person and also to be competent and exposed internationally in
proffering sustainable solutions to my country challenges. I consider myself a
hard-working and determined individual who will view any challenges I face during
the course of this Master program as a drive towards success.

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