I found some weakness and strengths in the book Incarceration Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World.  One weakness is that the author would insert herself into the narrative which at times took away from the many topics of the book.  When Dresinger does try to back up her opinions with statistics, she more often than not provides only a partial statistics.  However, one of the books strengths is where Dreisinger gives us insight and perspective into exactly how and why the U.S. has gone wrong. While she doesn’t claim to have all the answers, she does force us to, at the very least; acknowledge the short comings of the massive correctional system we’ve created.

Dresinger and Rein adopted similar and different methodology and research methods with writing their books.  Rein focuses on looking at counties as a whole, while Dresigner may look at countries, regions, or cities. Rein travel to different countries and spoke to experts in the health profession like clinics and other work places.  Dresigner would gather information for her writing by volunteering in the prison system, by observing it first hand, and by interviewing inmates and law enforcement. Both authors traveled to different locations around the world to connect information about how to reform the U.S. system. Dresigner had more of a raw and realistic look; by inserting herself in the narrative she shared her experiences and observations of the prison life.  In contrast Rein had more of a bird’s eye view of different healthcare systems.

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I’ve learned a lot about social issues throughout this class and it overall has made me more informed.  I enjoyed both of these books and they have helped me to use my critical thinking and come up my own opinions.  There isn’t a perfect answer to fix the U.S. prison system and U.S. healthcare system but by educating ourselves and doing further research we can improve and hopefully reach our solutions one day.


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