I am writing this letter of recommendation with great pleasure in support of Mr. Naman Chhabra, who is pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering stream from University School of Information and Communication Technology, GGS Indraprastha University.


I have known him for the past one and a half year when I started teaching him “Electronic Devices and Circuits”. I have been his course mentor for the subjects “Electronic Devices and Circuits”, “Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab”, “VHDL” and “VHDL Lab”. He is one of my best students and stands among the toppers of the class. During his course of study in this Institution, I had the opportunity to observe and appreciate his academic caliber as well as the versatility of his personality. 

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During these years, I have found him to have an inquisitive mind and his unique methods that greatly facilitate his learning. Mr. Naman Chhabra has distinguished himself as one of the best students in the class. His ability to utilize his unique and independent thoughts in complex problem solving speaks for his intellectual brilliance and creativity. His thirst for pure knowledge beyond the syllabus is one of the most remarkable qualities that make him one of my best students. He gives vent to resourceful and witty ideas in the class which truly depicts his intuitive thinking. He has a very good community attitude and retains intellectual curiosity in his work.


His intelligent questions during the lecture shows his never ending curiosity to learn more. This trait of him, coupled with good analytical skills, also helped him achieve good results in his work assignments. He has always participated in class activities with zeal and has always been forthcoming with answers to questions raised by me during the lecture sessions.


At a personal level, I hold Mr. Naman Chhabra that he is a well-disciplined student with a lovely personality. He makes his effort to know the latest technologies and shows his efforts in practical application of it.


In a nutshell, I am confident that your esteem University will be an ideal place for him to improve upon his existing skills through pursuing a Master’s Program. I highly recommend him to be a part of summer internship to be held at your University.

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