I want to explain about
Leibniz and Leibniz formula. It was sought by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The
formula is important to solve some mathematics problems. So, it deeply involves
my major subject and me. So, I’m going to write about them.

    First, I explain about
Leibniz. Leibniz was born in Leipzig. He learned about various things at
university in Leipzig. He researched Philosophy, physics, mathematics and so
on. In his era, Scholars such as Galileo and Hobbes were active. They also
found a lot of important things about mathematics and physics. Leibniz had
researched various studies as a philosopher. That’s why he was able to research
philosophically and logically. So it was good in logicality to discover
important matters in mathematics and physics. He philosophically and logically
created various mathematical propositions. So to speak, he is very genius.

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    Second, I explain about
Leibniz formula. He discovered new amazing formula in differential calculus and
integral calculus. Leibniz formula revolutionized the world of mathematics. It was
not easy to differentiate a lot many functions until then. It is because it is
necessary to prove that it is established by discovering the law like a problem
of a progression. And it is very difficult to discover the establishment’s law.
So, it was very difficult to solve the n-th derivative. But his formula showed
the law and way to solve problems which is correct. So, his discovery was very
amazing matter.

    Last, I have been helped
by him and his formula. It is because it helps me to solve problem of the derivative.
So, I solve problems of mathematics with the achievements of various
mathematicians. I respect scholars such as Leibniz who discovered amazing
matter about mathematics. And I want to discover new function or new formula
about mathematics like Leibniz. Then, I want to help many people who study

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