This essay will compare the treatment of outsiders in the two books, The Outsiders and Frankenstein. In both of these books, outsiders play a very important role. An outsider is somebody who is rejected from society or somebody different to somebody else. In both books these outsiders are rejected or not accepted into society. In The Outsiders, the outsiders are a gang called “the greasers” and in Frankenstein the outsiders are Frankenstein and the monster. The monster is an outsider, not because of what he is personally like, but because of his disturbing physical features.

People immediately reject the monster because of his physical features and don’t even dare to get to know him properly, and nobody is prepared to be his friend. In the book, the monster said, “I was dependant on no-one and reliant on no-one”. This proved that the monster had no friends and didn’t rely on anyone to be his friend. Frankenstein could also be categorised as an outsider in the book because he had shut himself away from all civilisation for two years, not speaking to a single person.

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During these two years, he was creating the monster, which he first intended to be just a normal human being that he had created, and became too involved in his work, preventing him to ever converse with any other human being. Once Frankenstein had created the monster, he ran away, abandoning it because it looked so vile. Frankenstein then travelled alone around the world due to significant distress and depression, mainly because of his creation.

In the novel, The Outsiders, we learn that in this book there is one group of outsiders who are rejected from society, partly again (like the monster in Frankenstein) because of their physical appearance – they dressed notoriously and had extremely greasy hair that was combed back with cheap hair wax and wore cheap clothes that were usually torn or very dirty. They also lived in the slum are of town which emphasised the fact that they were outsiders. The novel focuses on Ponyboy Curtis – a greaser who lives with two older brothers who were also greasers.

From analysing the text, we can learn that Ponyboy Curtis has quite long hair as he mentions, “my hair is longer than most boys wear theirs”. The greaser’s enemies were the Socials – this was a gang which lived on the other side of town, which was a richer, upper-class area. They dressed well, and seemed far more appealing. The greasers were almost ‘jealous’ of this gang partly because they had more money and generally did whatever the greasers did, but better. The Socials looked down on the greasers because they believed that the greasers were not ‘good enough’ for them.

The greasers appeared to be slow, stupid and generally a ‘mess’. Each novel is narrated in a different way. Frankenstein is narrated from a first person perspective, but the narrator changes occasionally. Firstly the narrator is the Captain of the ship that Frankenstein rides on. Secondly, Frankenstein narrates, and then the monster narrates, giving his own personal views. Next Frankenstein narrates and finally the Captain finishes off. Whenever Frankenstein and the monster narrate, a lot more personal emotions are exposed from the character.

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