I looked at this project as a way to increase
my knowledge on this subject, to perhaps even make a difference to our
interviewees lives and to, primarily, spread awareness about this dilemma.


To begin with, our biggest strength was our
idea to upload the video on a mass broadcasting website call YouTube. This made
our video available to the majority of the population and has so far been
viewed by 120 unique people. Even though It has not garnered many views, we
believe that the people who have watched this video will learn about this
abhorrent issue and maybe even inspire them to tackle this issue. Our next
strength was the ability to edit and compile the video to a nearly professional
level. The skill of integrating a narration, an introduction, and the smooth
transitions from one interview to another made our video more appealing and
portrayed the true intent and aim of our project.

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Unfortunately, we could not interview more
workers as the lack of time and our preparation for exams did not allow for
this. We could have interviewed more workers if we had reduced the number of
questions we asked and if we had managed our time properly. We could have
interviewed more people to get more accurate results. Furthermore, we asked
many workers if like fruit vendors and security personnel but the majority of
them declined to take part as they were perhaps humiliated or traumatized by
their past experiences. Unfortunately, 2 members of our group had left Mumbai
for vacation. We should have interviewed the workers before the exams and we
should have also included a personal reflection in the conclusion of our video
to convey our thoughts and feelings regarding this problem. I also think that
if we had spent a little more time editing the video, it would have turned out
to be brilliant.


My group interviewed 11 workers who had all
been the victims of unfortunate experiences. Each worker told us their story
and they all deeply affected us and I realised that this was an even bigger problem than I
imagined. After researching about the problem online I learned that in extreme
cases, people were beaten to death. After we finished our recordings, we asked
the workers how they felt knowing that someone knew about their problems. They
told us that they felt safe and welcome in Mumbai. This made me feel very
satisfied as we were not only spreading awareness about this issue but also
making the workers feel safe in a new city. It did also take a few hours for me
to learn how to edit the video on iMovie.


 I, along
with another team member, structured the questionnaire and with another team
member, conducted a few interviews. I also edited and uploaded the video and collected
research on this issue. I used iMovie to edit the video and uploaded the video
on YouTube. I organized all our meetings as well. I inputted the subtitles,
organized and compiled the individual interviews, and inputted the audio
recordings. I could have used a professional microphone to record the audio of
the interviews and of the narration. I could have also used a better software
to edit the video, like Final Cut Pro.


After conducting our research and interviews I
learned a lot about this problem. That it ranges across workers from many
different cities and states like Chhattisgarh, Chennai, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar
Pradesh and Bihar, just to name a few. We, as a team, learned that many workers
face this problem and that many who do feel very humiliated and traumatized and
refuse to share their experience. Many of the workers also felt very content
knowing that someone knew about their problem and something could be done about


A team means that we can work together and
brainstorm to produce better results and better ideas. Working with a team also
means that the work for the project is equally divided and that work can get
done more efficiently and mistakes can be rectified. Unfortunately, there are
certain drawbacks of working as a team. We could not decide on when to meet due
to several other projects and tests. We did quarrel over how we should conduct
the project, but we did find a solution with compromises. Furthermore, we
should have had a meeting to decide when we would meet to structure the interview,
conduct the interviews, gather research, record the audio and compile and
upload the video.


Overall, this project gave me greater insight
on this disappointing issue. Employers and people everywhere should be more
accepting of migrants, especially when they are new to the city or state. It
also made me feel empathy for them and conducting the interviews made me very
sentimental. I hope that our video and research can improve their lives and
that this issue is made more aware of. I also hope that this video inspires
people to make a difference to their lives.

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