a person were to say “inmate” to someone else, both people may think
of adults. Why? A high volume of the people who come into jail are mainly
people ages 18 and over. But, has it ever occurred to you that even minors
could commit the same crimes as adults? Well, they can. There is another
question though, but mainly refers to juveniles.  Should minors be treated as an adult while
being trialed in a court? Many say yes and many say no. There is a film known
as “They Call Us Monsters” by Ben Lear that only focuses on juveniles.
One of the big things in this film is how four teenagers who were known as
Antonio (14-year-old), Juan (16-year old), Jarad (17-year-old), and Darrell had
been placed to faced a prison for having attempted murder and/or having committed
first-degree murder. Antonio, Juan, Jarad, and Darrell are all participating in
a program known as a screenwriting course. In this course, it was really mostly
about talking about themselves and using their imagination. Darrell didn’t
really last much because he eventually had to be sent to 15 years in adult
prison. He has a very important role though because in the film, there was a
point where his father received a letter in the mail talking about conditions
were in the jails/prisons (Prison Life). Darrell just pretty much described
them as dirty, uncomfortable, and somewhere where you wouldn’t want to be because
as Darrell puts it “I almost teared up on my first night”. Next, we
have Antonio. Antonio was in jail/prison because he got charged with attempt of
murder and gun enhancements. During his time in the jail/prison, he’s been
trying to get back into juvenile prison to appeal his case. Appealing is part
of the adjudication process of the Criminal Justice System because if the
defendant feels as if the judge wasn’t fair with his response, then they could
ask for someone even higher than the previous court to take the case. This
ended up taking place, leading to the judge’s ruling in his favor. As a result,
he was able to be free but at the end of the film, he ended up getting arrested
because he had committed two robberies. Then, we have Juan. Juan was facing two
charges. They were for attempt of murder and first-degree murder. There was a
video shown in the film from a security camera where he tried to killed
someone. While in the courtroom, he was facing an arraignment because there was
a point where Juan was being told about the charges and the victims name, in
addition to being asked to either plead “guilty, not guilty, or no
consent”. As a result, he ended up pleading no consent, which the court
treated as guilty because that’s what the court told him. According to the
judge “if you plead guilty, it will be treated as a guilty plea”. Last,
but not least, we have Jarad. Jarad was first shown when he was  in an interrogation room. The film showed
short parts of the interrogation process. There were scenes where Jarad tries
to lie to the officer about him not doing it or not being there, but little did
he know that the officer already knew the truth and knew he was lying because
he had talked to his mom previously. The offier then asked about him being in a
white truck.  At first, Jarad didn’t want
to admit it, but eventually Jarad said yes. Fast forward to his court date
where the video of interrogation was shown. Also, the attorney talks about what
“possibly” happened at the scene using a powerpoint. In addition to
that, there were many officers getting asked questions. There was a officer who
the film put most attention to because he talked about tattoos and symbols
relating to gang affiliation, stuff gang does, encounterment with jarad before
the actual incident, and so on. As a result after the court, he was sentencing
for 162 years to life. Luckily, he will get a chance to parole in 2037. After
having watch “They Call Us Monsters”, it’s made me a change my views
of this issue in a few ways. 1) Its made me a bit more cautious about by
actions in public because if I ever do commit a crime, I know that my whole
life could probably end up looking like the one these juveniles faced and 2)
I’m starting to believe that we should be given a second chance of freedom in
the quickest way instead of being locked up forever. In addition, I was able to
see a scene of how minors were being charged as adults, but treated a little
different. Something I really liked about this film was how they portrayed everyone’s
life (except Darrell) into one film that these guys had made. 

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