If you have problems with an excessive weight, we are about to come up with an unexpected solution! Today we are not going to give you pieces of advice on eating and working out. You already know how important these are. We will tell you how to lose weight with the help of massage.

By saying massage, it does not mean going to a sauna to get a good body kneading or to a beauty shop for a rub to hasten blood circulation to obtain that healthy glowing skin. Actually, this is not the common kneading and rubbing of the skin. This type of massage is the process of exerting pressure to particular body points to shed off a few pounds. Applying pressure to this pressure point on your body helps in losing weight and protects your body from maladies. This massage is proven to aid digestion and curb your appetite.

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#1. Elbow

If you are always constipated, apply pressure on this point and it will relieve you from constipation. You will find relief within 24 hours. Stimulating this part of the body will help you regulate your bowel movement. So, make sure that you will do this every day before every meal and you will see the difference.

 #2. Upper Lip

When your stress eating is your newfound hobby and you seem to eat incessantly then, locate this point, apply pressure for a couple of minutes. It will surely stop your cravings for food. Remember eating will never solve your problem or food a problem solver. All you have to do is to stimulate the pressure point on your upper lip for at least 5 minutes once in the morning and once in the evening.

#3. Ear

The third pressure point you need to stimulate in order to speed up metabolism and curb your appetite is the ear. By stimulating this part of your body, it will hasten food digestion. All you have to do is to press the pressure point found in our ear regularly for a minute or two and you will get positive results.


The pressure point located on your knee plays a vital role in the functions of your stomach. It plays a major part in the digestion of food and supplies the body with nutrients extracted from the food you eat. Moreover, massaging this part of your ear regularly will help you shed off those unwanted fats. So, make sure you will not skip it to see results.

Now that everything is being laid to you, see to it that you will do it regularly if you really are determined to lose weight in just a week. But, before doing so, it is essential for you to take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth.


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