Il Carnevale Italiano is one of the most celebrated festivals in Italy, let alone Europe and the rest of the world.In modern days tens of thousands of tourists flock to Italian cities to join the festivities, wearing masks of different shapes and types, and rejoicing in the culture and style that all began years ago in the 11th century of the middle ages.
In Venice, where it traditionally originated, the carnival was one of the popular feasts that the whole city loved most, and it was renowned abroad too.It can be dated back to 1094 in the city of Vitale Falier (back then it was called Doge) in the era when Venice had just become a big and feared power.As the years passed other regions and cities took Venice's lead and organized their own festivals; now many regions hold annual carnivals, some of the better known ones being set in Napoli, Verona, Bologna, Salerno, Trieste, Arezzo as well as other cities.
It was not until the 18th century though that Venice was fully acknowledged as the "city of the carnival", and the festival became internationally known.Gentlemen from all over Europe came to enjoy themselves among the streets and squares, in the casinos and in the theatres.Not only commoners attended, but also kings and princes from other close by countries including France, Austria, and Spain.
After the fall of the Republic the cityprogressively lost its vitality, and also consequently the tradition of the carnival was abandoned at the same time.The revival of the traditionfirst restarted around 20 years ago with public and private festivities and theatre performances, involving Venetians as well as foreigners. Already the Venetian Carnival is again the biggest Italian carnival as well as one of the most famous and popular in the world.
The festivals normally take place all over Italy in early February.The earliest that they would start would be mid – late January

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